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6 mins In Conversation with
Actor Emma Corrin takes time out from starring in Netlfix's The Crown to chat to Celebrity Makeup Artist Florrie White about maintaining her skin and an effective evening routine.
28 mins Morning Reset
Experience New York’s go-to yoga studio Sky Ting as it’s founders Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan guide you through a morning yoga routine to reset the mind and prepare the body for the day ahead. Join them as they share their small act of self-care that helps them stay connected.⁠
12 min Flower Arranging
Top florist and expert judge on the hit Netflix show The Big Flower Fight Kristen VanderYacht⁠ knows a thing or two about flower arranging. In an exclusive video, Kristen discusses the importance of self-care while guiding us through the art of flower arranging.

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20 mins Meditation with Emily⁠
Emily Fletcher shares a guided breathwork exercise and meditation for relaxing the mind and body. Ease anxiety and fear and boost the system for strength, healing, and resilience.⁠
30 mins Meditation with Rafael
Rafael Chaman, of Nômade Tulum, shares a meditation technique for raising your frequency and balancing your emotions. Reduce stress and anxiety and transform your energy.
20 min Set Your Intentions
Guided meditation experience for body and mind. Step-by-step mediation for deep relaxation.
60 mins

Sunflow Yoga with Becky⁠

Becky Hicks shares a movement practice that combines yoga and dance, structure and flow, and softness and strength. Use movement to release tension in the body and alleviate emotional or physical stress.