The Wound Gel

In 2008, Professor Bader developed a groundbreaking Wound Gel, a medical grade prototype that promotes the natural self-repair of traumatic wounds at a cellular level. From diabetic wounds to third-degree burns, the Wound Gel eliminates the need for surgery, skin grafts, or scar revision, and minimizes opportunistic infections that can create a circle of trauma for the suffering patients.

Learn more about this next-generation discovery and its groundbreaking results below.

The Wound Gel - How It Works

Provides clear and dominant naturally-derived signals to ensure strong activation of pre-programmed repair schemes.


Nature has pre-programmed the body with “repair schemes” which provide stem cells the instructions to implement site-specific, healthy tissue repair. For small wounds, local stem cells receive the right signals to regenerate, facilitating functional healing.


In cases of disease, aging, or significant injury (large wounds), local repair cells provide signals to the body, responding to trauma by forming scarring tissue as a rapid, but primitive biological answer. These short-term damage control signals often compete with long-term healthy regenerative signals and can prevent more efficient healing.


The medical-grade wound gel functions by carrying a set of healing signals to the site of trauma, which, in turn, catalyzes a response from damaged cells and facilitates an expedited, automated restoration process - in effect triggering perfect healing as the short-term response and bypassing the communication breakdown.


Scar Free Healing in 10 Days

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2 year old child. Deep 2b degree scald injury resulting from hot water tap injury.

Standard Treatment:

5 -10 days for evaluation before skin transplantation (skin graft) surgeries take place.

Treatment Tested

The Wound Gel (ASC-Hydrogel / 20g) was applied twice topically with the goal of avoiding sugery.

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Results: After 10 Days

After 10 days after treatment - scar-free healing of wound. New skin showing (not yet pigmented). Surgery avoided

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Results: After 1 Year

After 1 year - scar free healing. No variation in pigmentation.

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Healing Time of Two Identical Trauma Sites over Seven Days


Split Skin Donor Site (Acute Wound).

Male, 46. Split Skin Donor Wounds his on Right and Left Leg.


Right Leg (control): Post-op treated with conventional wound therapy for 7 days.

Left Leg (test): Post-op treated with The Wound Gel (ASC-Hydrogel 20g) for 7 days.


Right Leg (control): Clearly immature, dark red, highly vascularized wound healing.

Left Leg (test): 100% re-epithelialization. Significantly advanced healing time compared to the control (Right Leg).

Wound Gel Chronology

2007 - PRESENT

Founded private R&D institution, Bionethos Innovation GmbH,which continues and translates the work that he began at the University of Leipzig developing regenerative medical therapy systems for individual patient’s application.


First medical breakthrough came in the form of a medical-grade wound gel.


The topical application of the Skin Regeneration Gel has been approved as a fundamental patent in Europe and in addition patents exist in all major economic markets worldwide, including USA, China, Japan, Russia and Australia.


Successful healing of burns, scalds, chronic ulcers as well as tendon and cartilage injuries, bone defects and nerve degeneration were achieved and numerous publications in prestigious scientific journals strengthen the evidence-based results.

2017 – PRESENT

ASC Skin Therapeutics was founded with the aim of developing the next-generation prototype-grade technology into a medical-grade therapy. ASC is currently focusing on further clinical studies in regenerative therapies.



The therapy can target an area and induce and unfold auto-regenerative processes that aim to create healing where it was not possible before.

This science has far-reaching applications in terms of neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, skin disorders and more in both human and animal care.

Professor Bader has partnered with a group of medical experts to apply his science to their respective fields. This is a different approach to medicine, with unprecedented results.

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Medical Research Awards


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Lectures given internationally

It is something new, a different approach in medicine. Augustinus’s therapy is an awakening therapy for the body. He is a genius, and his technology is revolutionary."

Prof. Hans-Günther Machens - Director and Chair of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

This treatment is safer than previous stem cell therapies, and much more intelligent. I was genuinely amazed at the results.

Dr. Vet. Ingo Pfeil - Veterinary Surgeon and the Director of the Dresden Heath Veterinary Hospital.

It is the possibility to activate the stem cells which are present in the body without having to rely on a foreign donor and to make use of the enormous regeneration potential of these cells."

M.Sc. Dermatologist, specialises in preventative and environmental medicine, allergology, medical aesthetics and anti-aging medicine at the Bel-Med Aesthetics Clinic in Hamburg.