Does Gua Sha Work?

Does Gua Sha Work?

13 December 2023


You've likely seen a gua sha used on TikTok or in a celebrities skincare routine once or twice while scrolling on social media. Many beauty gurus and skincare experts claim weekly gua sha massages are the secret to a snatched appearance and a slimmer face.

A gua sha facial tool aids with lymphatic drainage, helping to depuff your face in all the right places. This smooth-surfaced stone can have great beauty and wellness benefits when used correctly and consistently.

However, this isn't a new beauty secret. Gua sha facial tools have been used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries. Now, other cultures and modern-day beauty experts are experiencing the full gua sha benefits and sharing them with their followers online.

Want to see what all of the hype is about? We're here to walk you through how to use a gua sha and why you should consider using one in your beauty routine. 



History Behind Gua Sha

Practitioners of ancient Chinese medicine started using a gua sha in the early 1300s. For over 700 years, people have been using a gua sha to help increase blood flow, unblock energies, and reduce tension in the face, shoulders, neck, and more. For years, cultures have used this facial massage tool in their medical practices to help treat everything from digestive issues to chronic diseases. Until recently, gua sha facial massage tools became recognized and widely used in Western cultures. 

In today's digital age, the gua sha is typically used for its beauty benefits, helping individuals achieve a sculpted appearance. However, Western cultures also use gua sha at holistic medical centers that practice Traditional Chinese Medicine. 



How Do You Use a Gua Sha?



If you keep up with beauty care trends and secrets on TikTok or Instagram, you've likely seen a few gua sha before and after photos or videos. 

Incorporating a gua sha into your skincare routine is easy and can be done in four steps. To fully experience the benefits of a gua sha, you should repeat the following process at least three times a week for 10 to 15 minutes a day. 

Here's what you need to do:


Jawline to the Top of Your Face


Start by holding the curved side of your gua sha at your jawline. Apply light to medium pressure and work up from your jawline to the top of your face. Repeat this process on the other side of your face. 


Cheekbone to Your Ear


Next, start just below your cheekbone. Move your gua sha from your cheekbone to your ear on both sides of the face. Continue to use light to medium pressure.


Eyes and Temples


When you get to the skin around your eyes and temples, you'll want to be gentle and careful not to apply too much pressure. The skin around your eyes is fragile and requires extra care and attention. Instead, you'll want to move your gua sha slowly and gently from the corner of your eye near your nose to your temples. Repeat the process from your brow bone to your temple. 




The last portion is your forehead. With light to medium pressure, move your gua sha across your forehead. Repeat this process 3-5 times. 



How Does Gua Sha Work? 

A gua sha is made of jade or rose quartz and has a smooth surface and edged corners. The soft-edged corners slide against different parts of your face, providing just the right amount of pressure.

The pressure from the gua sha helps release tension in the face, improving blood flow and promoting circulation. The additional force on your skin helps to stimulate blood flow, guiding nutrients and oxygen to the cells in your tissue and improving the visual appearance of your complexion.

To fully experience gua sha benefits, you must stay consistent and massage your face regularly. You'll want to use a gua sha regularly, at least a few times a week.



Products to Use With Gua Sha



Before starting your gua sha massage, ensure your skin is prepared. You'll need ample hydration on the skin's surface to help the gua sha glide across your face. Without a protective layer, there may be too much friction between your skin and the gua sha. Here's what skincare products you'll need to effectively use your gua sha facial tool:




It's important to clean your face with a gentle cleanser before you use your gua sha on your face. A gentle cleanser will help eliminate dirt, grime, and impurities gathering in your pores. If you don't start with a cleanser, your gua sha can spread bacteria on your face, leading to additional inflammation and irritation. 

We recommend starting your routine with The Cream Cleansing Gel. Our revitalizing cleanser contains essential fatty acids and gentle botanicals that work to cleanse and purify. Regular use will help eliminate dirt, impurities, and makeup on the skin's surface, revealing a clear, even complexion. 

Before you start your gua sha massage, apply the cleanser to damp skin and massage it into your face. Once finished, rinse off with warm water and continue your skincare routine. 




Serums and oil-based skincare products help lubricate your skin's surface, allowing for your gua sha facial tool to glide on your skin. If you want to incorporate your gua sha massage during your daytime routine, we recommend using it with The Serum –  our innovative formula containing revitalizing actives, including Rice Bran Oil, Edelweiss, and Pomegranate Seed extracts to combat fine lines and wrinkles while boosting your skin’s natural radiance. 

If you're incorporating a gua sha massage into your nighttime routine, consider using The Retinol Serum. Our innovative blend contains pure retinol and other plant extracts to deliver next-level anti-aging benefits and a more youthful complexion. 

After you apply a generous amount of your serum of choice to your skin, your gua sha tool will easily glide on your skin's surface, and you won't need to worry about unnecessary pulling or tugging. 




A moisturizer hydrates and nourishes your skin while reducing friction during your gua sha massage. A high-performance formula filled with nutrients will help prevent transepidermal water loss and help you achieve supple, plump, and smooth skin. 


The Rich Cream is our original award-winning daily moisturizer formulated with vitamin E, argan oil, avocado oil, and other nutrients your skin needs to stay hydrated. The Rich Cream formula is rich and thick - perfect for gua sha massage. 

If you're looking for something silky with a fast-absorbing texture, consider The Face Oil, a formula designed to strengthen the skin barrier, promote elasticity, and hydrate the skin. Face oil will also help you achieve deep penetration during your gua sha massage and lubricate your skin while providing the much-needed nutrients your skin needs. 



Different Types of Gua Sha Tools



There are several types of gua sha tools to consider. Each has a different function, so you'll want to consider your goals and needs when looking for a gua sha to incorporate into your routine. Here are three of the most popular options to choose from:


● Dolphin-Shaped: A dolphin-shaped gua sha is one of the most popular shapes you can use. Each curve in the tool is intentional, allowing you to massage every part of your face.


● Jade Roller: A jade roller is a gentle, easy-to-use beauty tool that works like a gua sha. This tool helps promote circulation and reduce fluid retention.


● Comb-Shaped: This gua sha has the look and feel of a hair comb. Its common use is stimulating circulation and increasing blood in your body. The different ridges slide against the skin on your body, promoting circulation and increasing blood flow.



Gua Sha Tool Uses for Body

Gua sha can also be used on other body parts to improve circulation and help with lymphatic drainage. While doing your gua sha massage, you can continue down your neck and shoulders to help relieve unwanted tension and improve blood circulation. Other popular locations include arms, legs, feet, and glutes. 

When performing a gua sha massage, consider your unique needs and where you're experiencing the most discomfort. Consistent use of a gua sha can provide worthwhile benefits to your face and your entire body.



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Experience the Gua Sha Benefits with Augustinus Bader


The key to success with a gua sha massage is having the proper skincare routine. If you don't keep your skin hydrated while using a gua sha, it could lead to redness and skin irritation. Augustinus Bader, we have everything you need to build a skincare routine that prepares your skin for a gua sha facial massage tool. 


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