Dr. Ewoma: Do Augustinus Bader products work for men's skin too?

Dr. Ewoma: Do Augustinus Bader products work for men's skin too?

25 May 2021

Augustinus Bader Contributor and award-winning medical and cosmetic doctor, Dr. Ewoma, takes over the Bader Journal each week to answer some of your most commonly asked questions on application, ingredients, and skin concerns.  This week, Dr. Ewoma breaks down the differences in men’s and women’s skin and how Augustinus Bader can work for both.

Are men and women’s skin different?

Other than obvious physiological factors like bone structure and facial hair, men and women's skin also differs greatly. Male skin is tougher in texture and is in fact 25% thicker than womens, due to testosterone stimulation. Post-puberty, male skin also produces more sebum which is why acne in males tends to last longer. However, men's skin has a higher collagen density so it’s women's skin that often shows more signs of ageing. In fact, studies of women and men of the same age found that women's skin had actually 'aged' 15 years ahead of their male counterparts because of the differences in collagen density. Despite this, men are often less likely to include SPF and anti-ageing ingredients in their routines and so this difference often can’t be noticed. 

Another difference between men and women’s skin is that men have more active sebaceous glands and pores, which are greater in size. The production of sebum is doubled in men meaning their skin can often have an oilier, shinier appearance and in turn a greater likelihood of impurities and breakouts. This can easily be combated by incorporating gentle cleansers and exfoliating acids into your routine; for example, the lightweight Cream Cleansing Gel and The Essence.

Regular shaving, on the other hand, has an exfoliating effect which can lead to smoother and more youthful looking skin. However, it can also stress the complexion and leave the skin more susceptible to bumps, rashes or ingrown hairs, so gentle, nourishing formulas are particularly key.


In recent years, men have paid more attention to their skin and are now investing in quality products - no doubt spurred on by the rise in skincare education on social media - which can only be a good thing. There is now less taboo around men taking care of their personal appearance which has positively affected the likelihood of them employing a proper, effective skincare routine.


Can men and women use the same skincare products?


All of Augustinus Bader’s products can be used universally on men and women, older and younger. Their patented technology, TFC8®, powers all of their skincare and suits a plethora of different skin types. Led by advanced tissue and skin healing research, TFC8® combines a potent combination of amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules that work to nourish, protect and promote skin renewal.

This also means Augustinus Bader’s products can function as the perfect post-shave skincare, gently moisturising and repairing any stressed or inflamed skin.


The Cream, for instance, supports cellular renewal, stimulates collagen production, deeply hydrates and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

Despite the key differences between men and women’s complexions, reaching for nourishing and reparative formulas which boost collagen and support skin barrier function will have a wealth of benefits for ALL types of skin.


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