How to Apply with Emma Hoareau

How to Apply with Emma Hoareau

19 June 2018

Former beauty editor turned photographer, Emma Hoareau launched her blog Lolita Says So in 2009 while studying History of Art at university. Originally a documentation of thoughts and inspirational photos, Emma now focuses on travel, skincare and beauty after having written for magazines on the subject for over 4 years.

Skin first, makeup second is Emma’s motto and her weekly Sunday School series on instagram educates and informs her audience by talking through skincare facts and myths, alongside top tips on how and when to use certain products. Her expertise in the industry, skincare knowledge and engaged audience has placed her at the forefront of the skincare blogger community.

My Skincare Routine

I’ve been using The Cream (light) for over a month now, and for my combination skin this consistency has been perfect. I use two pumps in the morning and evening on my face, neck and décolletage. I’m French and we always say skincare should be nipples up! I love to use this time to massage the cream into my face, not only does it feel great but it helps rid the skin of toxins and release the facial muscles. In the morning I find this really wakes me up whereas at night it winds me down. Once the weather starts getting colder, I’ll opt for the Rich Cream at night to give me that extra layer of hydration.

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