Marie Claire Italia: The Face Cream Based on Stem Cells

Marie Claire Italia: The Face Cream Based on Stem Cells

17 February 2018

“Super-innovative German technology.”

Objective: new skin. Being able to effectively nourish and regenerate facial skin is the dream of most women from 35/40 years.

The stem cells encapsulated in the formulations are the ultimate science that seems to satisfy this desire. Extracted from fruit and flowers - ranging from apple, grape and raspberry leaves to rose and blue water lily through argan sprouts - stem cells have the main feature of being highly undifferentiated or they can evolve in any other type of cell, generating new fabrics and repairing them if damaged.

The most powerful stem cells are of human origin, but their use is exclusively medical. In cosmetology only the "green" ones are used, mixed with vegetable oils, ceramides and collagen. An expensive biotechnological process is required to isolate them, which is why their price is often high. What is their main property? That of reactivating the cellular turnover, making the skin more toned and compact .

However, there are also formulas that do not contain plant stem cells, but are based on technologies that support the natural processes of self-regeneration of the body recreating the perfect micro-environment in which the sleeping stem cells can return to perform the activities they are responsible for. . We are talking about two creams, The Cream and The Rich Cream, which use a totally revolutionary approach to the study of stem cells called ABC Method, discovered by Professor Augustinus Bader, director of Applied Biology of Stem Cells and Cellular Technology at the University of Leipzig with a brilliant career behind in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering (he has treated burn victims patients at Harvard Medical School and Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai), which gives its name to the new excellent brand of skincare.

The formula, according to Professor Bader, going to restore the natural behavior of stem cells, reverses the signs of aging or minimizes wrinkles and stimulates the tone of the skin by increasing the volume, plumping where the skin has thinned. "Professor Augustinus Bader's new product could replace the old, long and multistep beauty routine," reads an article in . The cream, available in both normal and rich versions, has been available for some days (also) in Italy and, good news, 10% of the profits will be donated to the Augustinus Bader Foundation, foundation that collaborates with hospitals and specialized clinics in order to provide therapies and treatments able to intervene on the functional, psychological and aesthetic damages caused by burns.