The Eye Cream: Visionary Skincare

The Eye Cream: Visionary Skincare

15 October 2021

One of the most requested formulas we have ever created, The Eye Cream is a new all-in-one innovation that dramatically diminishes the visible signs of aging, damage, and stress, for complete renewal. While this delicate part of the complexion has specialized needs that vary over time, our universal problem-solver is a simple, streamlined answer to all eye area concerns.

The Science Behind The Eye Cream 

The science-backed secret to total eye care is a unique blend of TFC8®, our patented complex to support cellular regeneration and youthful-looking skin, and potent botanicals known to benefit the skin around the eyes.  

Our breakthrough technology helps optimize the efficacy of these potent ingredients, including Pennywort Extract, prized for its high antioxidant content; French Seaweed, which stimulates skin’s defense mechanisms and smooths away signs of stress; and Arjun Tree Extract, derived from a legendary ayurvedic tree revered for its anti-aging powers.  

The resulting formula is unlike any other eye cream available, able to intuit skin’s most pressing needs and target specific signs of damage, including under-eye circles, puffiness, dark shadows, fine lines, and wrinkles.   

In clinical and user trials: 

  • 96% agree skin around the eyes looks firmer, lifted, and feels more elastic
  • 96% agree under-eye puffiness is visibly reduced
  • 94% agree the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are diminished
  • 93% agree under-eye bags and dark circles look noticeably reduced

With its creamy, weightless texture, The Eye Cream is proven to increase elasticity and firmness around the eyes for a plump, youthful look, while nourishing the skin and providing much-needed hydration, for brighter skin with better bounce-back. It also offers powerful protection against environmental stressors and helps to prevent future damage -- for both immediate and long-lasting improvement you can feel and see.  

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Creamy, weightless texture for hydration around the eyes
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