When to Use Eye Cream in Your Skincare Routine

When to Use Eye Cream in Your Skincare Routine

21 February 2023


The eyes have it–delicate skin, that is. That’s why this area may be prone to dark circles, fine lines, bagginess, and other issues that may make you appear tired or haggard.

If you want your eyes to look brighter and livelier, make eye cream part of your skincare routine. This type of product is specially formulated to address skincare concerns in the under-eye area while also hydrating and protecting the skin so it looks smooth and revived. 

You can choose when to use eye cream in your routine–day, night, or both. (Some formulas may indicate use in either a.m. or p.m.; if they don’t, you can apply them in the morning and the evening.) 

It’s important that you use a gentle touch when applying eye cream to avoid tugging on the thin skin. Add a drop of cream to your fingertip, then lightly pat it in a semi-circle around the eyes. Move from the inner corner under the eye to the outside corner, then up under the brow bone until the product is absorbed. Add eye cream to the moisturizing portion of your skincare routine.



Luxury Eye Cream for Daily Eye Care

If you had a long night out or didn’t sleep well, it likely shows up in the eye area the next morning. The best luxury eye creams diminish bags and circles, so you have a fresh-faced appearance no matter how little sleep you’re running on.

Eye cream smooths out the delicate skin, making it appear rejuvenated, lifted, and firmer. It also hydrates the thinner under-eye skin, which helps minimize the appearance of fine lines or dark circles. This hydration also supports the skin’s moisture barrier, so the eye area is better protected from environmental damage from sun or pollution exposure. (For even more protection, apply sunscreen after your eye cream.)

Another reason to use eye cream in your skincare routine each morning? Your concealer or foundation will glide on easily, making it less likely to settle into fine lines for a crepey look.



 Luxury Eye Cream for Your Bedtime Routine



Nighttime is the ideal time for a moisturizing eye care routine, offering premium hydration while you sleep. To get started, it’s important to cleanse the eye area before applying your cream. You’re probably already using an effective cleanser to rid your complexion of impurities, but if you wear eye makeup during the day, add a makeup remover or do a double cleanse to clear away any mascara or primer.

The skin under your eyes tends to be naturally dry, and if you have already have a dry skin type it may exacerbate the problem. An eye cream will help alleviate the dryness, or you can pair it with an oil, such as The Face Oil, to seal moisture in. The face oil acts like a barrier, so use the eye cream first, then dab a drop of oil in the area or apply a couple of drops all over your face.



Luxury Eye Cream for the Under-Eye Area

There are many types of eye creams on the market, but you’ll see the best results when you choose a luxury product with key actives that support more youthful-looking skin. 

The best luxury eye creams typically combine powerful ingredients such as vitamins and botanicals with advanced skincare technology. They’re also usually free of irritants you should refrain from using in the sensitive eye area. A high-quality eye care routine is a worthy investment that can deliver noticeable results.



Benefits of an Eye Care Routine


You should use an eye cream for:

● Reduced appearance of lines, spots, and other concerns

● Enhanced radiance that minimizes the look of puffiness or dark circles

● Skin that looks plump, smooth, and more elastic

● Protection from stressors, to prevent future damage

● Hydration that makes your eyes look revitalized



Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream

The Eye Cream supports your skin with potent actives such as:


● Vitamin C, which brightens the under-eye area for a livelier, more youthful appearance

● Arjun tree extract, which helps the delicate skin in this area look firmer

● Duo of seaweed extract, which minimizes the appearance of puffiness and dark circles for a refreshed look

● Vitamin B5, which locks in moisture


It also delivers all the benefits of the best luxury eye creams using the innovative technology that powers our smarter skincare. TFC8® is backed by more than 30 years of  cutting-edge research. Natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins, and powerful synthesized molecules combine to nourish, protect, and support your skin’s innate capability for renewal.


Like all of our skincare products, our under-eye cream has been through controlled clinical and user trials to ensure product efficacy. During our 12-week clinical trials, participants noticed The Eye Cream visibly reduced fine lines by 57% and wrinkles by 52%. Participants in our clinical trial also noticed improved hydration by 204% and reduced Trans-Epidermal Water Loss by 25%.


You can find this same advanced technology can be found throughout our facecare line for a true revolution in skincare. 

Curate your skincare routine with Augustinus Bader. Purchase one of our game-changing formulas in skincare, supplements, and haircare.




FAQs about Eye Creams


Do I actually need eye cream in my skincare routine?


While under-eye cream isn't necessary for everyone, it can be a beneficial supplemental skincare product for some. If you're struggling with dark eyes, fine lines, or puffiness under the eyes, an eye cream can help you address any of these specific eye concerns and rejuvenate your complexion. Remember that consistency is vital to seeing results. 


Can I use an eye cream with other skincare products?


Absolutely. Eye creams in skin care routines target the fragile skin under your eyes. You'll still want to continue using your favorite serums and moisturizer to help hydrate and nourish the rest of the skin on your face. 


What ingredients should I look for in an eye cream?


Eye cream ingredients that plump, hydrate, and nourish the fragile skin under your eyes. The best elements to look for include caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, and Jojoba Oil. 


Should I still use a regular moisturizer when using eye cream?


Yes, you should still use a daily moisturizer to hydrate the rest of the skin on your face. You'll want to apply your under-eye cream and allow a few seconds for your skin to absorb the formula. Then, complete your routine with your daily moisturizer.


How often should you use an eye cream?


This is a personal preference. Using an eye cream for dark circles during your morning routine can help revive your complexion and give you that more awake look. While using it during your night routine can help reduce puffiness and provide fragile undereye skin with much-needed hydration. If eye concerns are bothersome, you can use them twice a day, seven days a week. 


When will I start seeing results?


Every under-eye cream is different. However, if you're consistent with your usage and invest in the best luxury eye cream, you can expect results as soon as 4 weeks. During our 12-week user-proven trials, 99% of participants agreed the overall appearance of the eye area improved after use, and 99% agreed the eye area appears more youthful, tighter, and less crepey after use.


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