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A clean, science-backed dietary supplement clinically proven to improve hair health and quality, support new hair growth and actively combat thinning, damage, shedding, breakage, and loss. Provide tangible results for your most pressing hair concerns while supporting whole-body vitality. This is haircare redefined.

Available as a complete set, or refill only. Complete set is housed in a 100% recyclable glass jar, recycled FSC carton, and FSC certified leaflet. Three capsules per day.

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Proven in Double Blind Placebo Controlled Test

The supplement increased hair count by 56% for participants taking the Hair Revitalizing Complex vs

only 2% for participants taking the placebo.

12 week results using The Hair Revitalizing Complex

Key Benefits

Improves hair health and quality.
Supports new hair growth.
Prevents shedding, breakage, and loss.
Prevents harmful buildup around the follicles.
Helps minimize dryness and flakiness.
Enhances absorption of nutrients by follicles.
Enhances absorption of nutrients by follicles.
Supports moisture retention - revitalizing dry, brittle strands.
Supports the body’s production of keratin and collagen.
Helps combat free radical damage.

Clinically Proven Results


Week 0

Week 12

The Hair Revitalizing Complex


The supplement reduced broken and damaged hair from brushing by

+ 34%

The supplement increased hair count by

+ 79%

The supplement increased hair hydration by


User Proven Results

The Hair Revitalizing Complex


agree hair growth is improved.


agree The Hair Revitalizing Complex helps prevent hair loss & decreases shedding.


agree hair appears more full.


The Hair Revitalizing Complex


agree overall hair health and quality are improved.


agree hair is more shiny.


agree hair’s volume is increased.


The Hair Revitalizing Complex


agree The Hair Revitalizing Complex helps them feel less bloated.


agree hair feels stronger.


agree The Hair Revitalizing Complex helps repair my hair from heat and/or color damage.


The Hair Revitalizing Complex


agree digestion is improved.


agree energy levels are increased.


agree hair looks and feels like it is renewed and restored after use.


Our hair supplement takes a unique, multi-pronged approach to combating hair loss and promoting healthy growth and texture by helping your body routinely clean cellular waste from each individual hair follicle while enhancing blood circulation to efficiently deliver oxygen and nourishment to the roots of each of your hair follicles.

The bio-optimized ingredients also help reduce the follicle's absorption of excess DHT - a hormone known to cause hair loss or thinning when it builds up. We are providing a clean, healthy way to support improved hair growth and long-term health.”

Dr. Shibashish Giri, Senior Medical Research Scientist

Key Ingredients

We use only the cleanest and most effective actives in healthy concentrations proven to deliver results. Our ingestible ingredients are selected and sourced with the utmost respect for your wellbeing, and the planet’s health.


An innovative blend of potent hair/scalp superfoods that work in synergy to provide targeted cellular nutrition while addressing root causes of damaged or debilitated hair.

Moringa Leaf Powder

An amino acid and peptide-rich botanical that’s recognized for supporting the natural production of keratin, a vital protein that supports hair growth, smoothness, and health.

Fenugreek Seed Extract

This extract is loaded with protein and nicotinic acid, both known for balancing the pH around the hair follicles, reducing dry, flaky skin, and supporting natural growth of healthy hair.

Millet Seed Extract

This powerhouse botanical is known to possess anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties that help support new hair growth, while simultaneously preventing shedding, and delivering exceptional shine, strength, and overall health to your strands.

Vitamin K (K2 outside of US)

Vitamin K is celebrated for its support of healthy blood vessels, preventing calcification and ensuring proper flow of nutrients to the follicles for smoother, stronger, thicker hair.

Bamboo Resin Powder

Recognized for its ability to improve hair’s moisture retention so it has a healthy, natural shine. This powder is also known to help soothe the scalp, improve blood circulation in the scalp, and strengthen hair follicles for thicker, fuller hair.

Ashwagandha Root Extract

This long-revered adaptogen is known to improve scalp circulation, strengthen the hair, minimize dry, flaky skin, and stimulate the pigment melanin for brighter, more vibrant hair color.

Nettle Root Extract

This botanical extract is popularly known for containing key compounds that block DHT, the hormone largely seen as responsible for hair loss.

L-Tyrosine and L-Arginine

Key amino acids, known to support blood flow to the roots of the hair, invigorating the scalp and encouraging new growth.


An important supplement for hair growth, Inositol is renowned for helping strengthen each hair follicle and supports better moisture retention, contributing to reduce breakage and increased natural hair growth.

Saw Palmetto

A powerful ally in balancing hormone levels and blocking their negative effects, it is known to effectively reverse hair loss for a thicker, fuller mane.

The Hair Revitalizing Complex

How to Use

The Hair Revitalizing Complex are clean capsules designed for daily use and optimal absorption. For best results take 1 capsule by mouth three times a day with plenty of water. Can be taken with or without a meal.

90 capsules (30 day supply), housed in a fully recyclable glass jar and 100% FSC certified carton.

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Hydrate, nourish, and renew your scalp and hair with cleanly crafted, high performance haircare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I introduce The Hair Revitalizing Complex in my routine?

Take 3 capsules by mouth once a day with plenty of water. Can be taken with or without a meal.

Can I take The Hair Revitalizing Complex if I am on medication?

Always consult a qualified physician or medical professional if you are taking medication, or if you have a medical condition.

Is The Hair Revitalizing Complex Vegan?

Yes, The Hair Revitalizing Complex is 100% vegan.

Is The Hair Revitalizing Complex gluten free?

The Hair Revitalizing Complex is gluten free. While The Hair Revitalizing Complex does contain Wheat Maltodextrin, this form of wheat is in fact gluten-free.

Can I take The Hair Revitalizing Complex if I am pregnant/breastfeeding?

Yes, but always consult a qualified physician or medical professional if you are pregnant or nursing.

Are there any ingredients/ vitamins I should stay away from while taking The Hair Revitalizing Complex?

Do not use if taking coumarin anticoagulants. Should you have any concerns, we recommend consulting with a qualified physician or medical professional before use.

Do I have to use The Hair Revitalizing Complex in addition to the Augustinus Bader haircare range to see results?

No, you do not need to use The Hair Revitalizing Complex in addition to the topical haircare range in order to see impressive results, but the products work in harmony to help support healthy hair.

How does The Hair Revitalizing Complex differ from other company’s supplement products?

Unlike some other company's supplements, The Hair Revitalizing Complex instantly cleans each hair follicles, thanks to the presence of Fenugreek Seed and Moringa Leaf Powder. Our formula is also better at boosting the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the hair follicles. Lasty, unlike many other products, our hair supplements contain bio-optimized doses of all ingredients, ensuring optimal levels of nutrients are delivered to each hair follicle.

Can I take both The Hair Revitalizing Complex and The SKIN as part of my routine?

Yes, you can. In fact, we encourage you to take both as part of your daily routine, as The Hair Revitalizing Complex and The SKIN work synergistically together.

When will The Hair Revitalizing Complex be available in the UK & ROW?

The Hair Revitalizing Complex is only available in the US and EU at this time. We are exploring bringing the product to other markets. We will update you if and when they become available elsewhere in the world.

Why is it better to follow 3 months of treatment?

If hair is damaged, it can sometimes take time to clean each follicle and encourage natural hair growth. For this reason, we recommend following 3 months of treatment in order to see optimal results. Additionally, with our clinical and user trials, we saw the best results after 12 weeks (3 months) of use.