InStyle: Augustinus Bader's Cult-Favorite Moisturizer Just Got a 2021 Upgrade

InStyle: Augustinus Bader's Cult-Favorite Moisturizer Just Got a 2021 Upgrade

03 March 2021

'The "miracle cream" is now even more hydrating'

Cher, Madonna, Whitney, Mariah. Like all iconic musical divas, they're known by their first name — and some beauty products have become just as infamous. Augustinus Bader's The Cream is one of them.

When the German stem cell scientist launched The Cream in 2018, the anti-aging moisturizer powered by a patented complex of amino acids, vitamins, and synthesized molecules that kickstarts the skin's cellular renewal process, it gained an overnight cult following. Celebrities like Alexa Chung, January Jones, and Victoria Beckham (who has collaborated with Bader on products for her own beauty brand) were all hooked. Same for makeup artists and beauty editors alike.

As a beauty editor myself, The Cream is one of the products I get asked about the most, along with whether or not The Rich Cream — its thicker, extra-hydrating counterpart for drier skin — is "better."

"Whichever version is right for you depends on your skin type and needs, but good news for anyone with dry skin: Bader has just given The Rich Cream an upgrade."
- Erin Lukas, InStyle

The Rich Cream 2.0 offers deeper hydration and has clinical studies to back up its efficacy. "The Rich Cream contains an advanced and smart formula resulting in deeper nourishment and hydration and, overall, a more immaculate complexion," Bader tells InStyle. "In clinical trial results held with thirty participants over one month, this upgraded formulation achieved an improvement level in skin hydration of 145%. Wrinkle reduction ranged between 37% and 54% during this same timeframe, while skin firmness improved by 92%."

In user trials with 105 members, 100% of participants said they experienced instant hydration, while 99% said that, over 12 weeks, their skin felt overall "renewed, replenished, and reinvigorated."

The upgraded formulation is now vegan, and the brand has added more moisturizing ingredients for deeper hydration, like hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed rice protein. In addition to the brand's signature TFC8 complex, The Rich Cream 2.0 also still includes nourishing evening primrose oil, squalane, and vitamin E.

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