What's better for my face? Face cream vs oil

What's better for my face? Face cream vs oil

17 March 2023


It can be daunting to choose between a face oil vs. a face cream. Is one better for your skin type? How do they work, and what do they achieve? Do you even have to choose?

Understanding the distinctions and similarities between cream vs. oil for the face helps you find the best products for your skincare routine. But it’s also important to know that, whether you opt for a cream or an oil, you need to choose a product that uses advanced technology, clean ingredients, and effective actives to get the long-lasting results you want. 

You need your moisturizer or face oil to nourish and condition your skin for a glowing, healthy-looking complexion.



The Difference Between Face Oil vs. Moisturizer

On the surface, texture is the most obvious difference between face cream vs. oil. A face oil is, naturally, oil based (made from either one type of oil or a blend of several different kinds) so it has a rich viscosity that feels slick between your fingers. A moisturizer, on the other hand, can be oil or water-based, and may have the thick consistency of a cream or the lighter liquidity of a lotion. So you have more textural options to choose from with a moisturizer.

The other main difference between face oil vs. face cream is how they work. Both products deliver moisture to support the skin’s water barrier. When the skin barrier is hydrated, your complexion is better protected from environmental damage, and your skin looks more youthful–plumper, firmer, smoother. But face oils and moisturizers provide this hydration in different ways.

A moisturizing cream or lotion can be an emollient that deeply hydrates and softens with ingredients such as shea butter; these products may also contain humectants like hyaluronic acid or glycerin that attract water to the skin’s moisture barrier. A face oil is more like a top coat for your complexion, sealing in moisture, so the skin barrier doesn’t suffer from transepidermal water loss. Face oils are typically considered occlusive, not emollient or humectant.

Deciding between cream vs. oil for your face? Here are some key considerations to keep in mind.




Choosing a Face Oil

Face oils are a luxurious addition to your skincare routine. You’ll want one that:

● Adds supple plumpness to your complexion while also reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

● Smooths the texture of your skin

● Protects and supports your skin microbiome with oils rich in antioxidants and antimicrobials.

● Uses as many clean ingredients as possible, without additives such as fragrance or other potential irritants.

● Contains a mix of high-quality oils that are non-pore-clogging and offer multifaceted benefits to address several different skin concerns.



Choosing a Face Cream

To get the right moisturizer, think about:

● Your skin type–if you have oily or dry skin, for instance, you may want a face cream formulated specifically for these skin types.

● Your preferred texture–do you want a richer cream or a lighter lotion?

● When you will use the cream–you may choose a moisturizing lotion with SPF for day and a richer cream for night.

● Your skin needs–you’ll want your face cream to have certain ingredients if you have anti-aging concerns or regularly deal with acne flareups.



A luxury face moisturizer, like face oils, should use clean actives. Look for one that:

● Hydrates the skin to help strengthen the moisture barrier


● Supports collagen production for greater elasticity


● Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles


● Calms stressed skin and prevents further irritation from environmental aggressors


● Conditions and renews skin for a youthful-looking radiance



Do I Need Both Products?

Choosing between face cream vs. oil doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition. You can use both products in conjunction with each other, particularly if you:

● Have very dry skin and need extra moisture by layering or combining the two products


● Want to troubleshoot certain spots on your face that tend to have a rough texture by dabbing a bit of oil in those areas.


● Want to add natural-looking highlights to your complexion by adding a bit of oil on the high points of your face



If you decide to use both oil and face cream, keep these tips in mind:

● Use moisturizer first, then put on face oil to lock in the hydration supplied by your face cream.


● Just use two to three drops of oil in one application.


● Blend the oil drops into your face cream before applying it to your face, or dab the oil on top of your moisturized face to prepare for makeup.




Augustinus Bader Face Oil and Creams

Augustinus Bader face creams give you several options to choose from. For instance, The Cream is ideal for combination or oilier skin types while The Rich Cream revitalizes normal, dry, or mature skin. The Face Oil’s blend of powerful botanicals works with all skin types.

Augustinus Bader face oil and creams aren’t just luxury moisturizing products–they’re an evolution in smarter skincare that’s made possible by our focus on advanced skincare science. These products are powered by TFC8®, our groundbreaking technology that supports your skin’s power for renewal.

Choose a face cream, a face oil, or both. Purchase one of our game-changing formulas in skincare, supplements and haircare.


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