Cell Care Is The New Self Care

An inside look at the inspiration for our new campaign

Several years ago, when the phrase “self-care” first began to pop up in the popular lexicon, it felt familiar in a good way. At last, there was a flexible and compact way to refer to all of one’s conscientious, health-minded practices- from phone sabbaticals to Pilates - while reinforcing the idea that all of these habits worked in conjunction and toward a common purpose. Self-care became shorthand for, yes, taking care of your body, but also for doing it without apology or sheepishness. The goal was to feel better, not just look better. 

Fast forward to the present day. Self-care, as a concept, is ubiquitous, and one that’s moved from the realm of wellness to the solid firmament of common sense. If you practice self-care, you’re investing in yourself. So then, with self-care so firmly entrenched in the popular consciousness, what represents the next wave of health enlightenment? Enter our latest campaign: Cell Care Is The New Self Care.  

Introduced in conjunction with the global launch of The Body Cream, this tagline is more than just catchy marketing language. Instead, it speaks to the regenerative power of Augustinus Bader skincare and its singular ability to provide skin cells with the building blocks for repair and renewal. After all, a healthy body is comprised of healthy cells. In the same way that a balanced diet and active lifestyle optimize overall well-being, The Body Cream offers a regimen for cells to deliver the best version of your skin, naturally. The campaign’s accompanying images—shot on a range of models across the gender, color, and age spectrum—also celebrate the body’s capacity for self-healing, with lush, unfiltered close-ups that highlight the singular beauty of healthy skin from the neck down. 

Finally, in referencing the role of cellular biology, our campaign seeks to emphasize the most important aspect of Augustinus Bader skincare: the over 30 years of clinical and scientific research that informed the development of The Body Cream, The Rich Cream, and The Cream. Because, even before there was a word for it, Augustinus Bader was in pursuit of self-care. 


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