Byrdie: The Best Skincare Investment Pieces, According to Beauty Girls

Byrdie: The Best Skincare Investment Pieces, According to Beauty Girls

25 September 2018

"All three of us noticed the impressive results"

Skincare can really start to eke up the price of your monthly expenses—that we know—and not all of it is worth it. In fact, there are tons of drugstore alternatives that are effective and far less costly (like this sheet mask and these moisturisers). But, every so often, those prestige products are really worth their salt, and they actually make a huge difference in your skin, be it in regard to wrinkles, plumpness, hydration, or the like.

So, in order to offer the best possible options for when you're willing to make the splurge, we rounded up the investment beauty products that are really worth it. From serums and night creams to eye balms and toners, here are the skincare investment pieces worth turning over your credit card.

Erin Jahns, assistant editor:

"According to the brand (and, with correct usage, roughly two pumps applied to dry, clean skin morning and night), you'll notice positive differences in the skin both immediately and in the long term. So, obviously, Editorial Director Faith Xue; my 70-year-old makeup artist mother, Elise; and I all had to try the cream to see how our skin would fare. The literature claims users will notice an almost immediate improvement in brightness, plumpness, and hydration. Then, with diligent usage, one can expect a decrease in things like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and redness as time goes on, in addition to a consistent increase in overall skin health, elasticity, and even skin tone. Interestingly, across the board, all three of us noticed the impressive results the brand claimed we would notice immediately, like improved brightness, hydration, and plumpness."

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