Byrdie: The Winners of The 2019 Skincare Awards

Byrdie: The Winners of The 2019 Skincare Awards

13 September 2019

"The technology behind this moisturizer is pretty mind-blowing"

Over the years, we’ve professed our undying love for some truly outstanding skincare products that have lightened our dark spots, gotten rid of our breakouts, and earned us compliments upon compliments - honestly, thinking about some of our holy-grail skincare products makes us weepy.


That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Byrdie’s first-ever skincare awards - a love letter to the best skincare products we’ve tried, tested and approved of. The winners of our skincare awards were judged on three criteria: vigorous product testing, nominations from team Byrdie and our panel of guest judges, and a Byrdie-unique algorithm created by our data team that ranks products based on their positive reviews on our website and across some of your favorite retailers. We slathered, swiped and massaged in hundreds of skincare products, consulted some of the top names in the beauty business, and even did a little math to bring you these winners - so you can trust that we stand by these products 110%. We're so excited to present the winners of Byrdie’s 2019 skincare awards, and hope you find a new favorite (or two, or three) in the below. 


Best Moisturizer for Anti-Aging


"This celeb-loved face moisturizer is on the verge of reaching cult-status, and for good reason. The technology behind this moisturizer is pretty mind-blowing. Created by German physician, scientist, professor, and researcher Augustus Bader, this cream helps boost your skin's natural regeneration properties. Yes, the price tag is steep, but the brand actually promises that this cream is better used alone and should replace your other serums, toners and moisturizers. I swear by it because it made my skin look smoother, brighter and just all-around better when I used it and nothing else for two weeks.


But don't take my word for it—Victoria Beckham is a fan, as is former Byrie editor Erin's 71-year-old mother." - Faith Xue, editorial director


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