The Serum: Skin, solved.

The Serum: Skin, solved.

21 September 2021

All skin has unique requirements and special challenges that can change over time and with variations in routine, location or weather. Like a Swiss army knife for skin, The Serum is a new all-in-one essential developed to address a range of common, persistent complexion concerns for all skin types, with minimal effort and maximum efficacy.


The Science Behind The Serum

Infused with more than 30 years of visionary science, The Serum combines the power of our proprietary TFC8® skincare technology with clean super-hydrators and nature’s most effective problem-solvers, including nourishing Rice Bran Oil, Edelweiss and Pomegranate Seed extracts, plus other rejuvenating actives. This fast-absorbing concentrate up-levels your entire skincare routine by sealing in a layer of actives prior to moisturizer or face oil, and instantly zeroing in on whatever is troubling your skin -- from dehydration, stress, and the signs of aging and environmental damage, to the appearance of imperfections and loss of elasticity.  

With consistent use, you’ll see even more noticeable improvements to fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, redness and other evidence of damage.

The Serum also adds extra protection against pollution and UV radiation, supports collagen production, and prevents Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, which all adds up to plumper, more resilient skin. In fact, in clinical and user trials:

  • 100% agree that skin feels deeply hydrated;
  • 98% agree skin feels soft, supple and more elastic;
  • 97% agree skin texture has improved;
  • and 96% agree their complexion looks lifted and tighter.

While the list of benefits is long, adding The Serum to your regimen couldn’t be easier, and the results are simple: skin that looks and feels healthier, hydrated, renewed, and radiant.