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Bader Journal

18 October 2018 |1 min read

The Cream That Works for Elizabeth Day

Over a 27 day period we filmed seven remarkable people and their skin in detail using a range of cutting-edge film, photography and skin-scanning techniques. Journalist Elizabeth Day was one of the individuals who took part in this study to capture the effects of our revolutionary cream.

Elizabeth, 40, is an award-winning author and has published four novels - her latest, The Party, was a bestseller and television rights have been sold. Day is a feature writer for several publications including the Telegraph, Vogue, Grazia, The Observer, New York Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, where she is contributing editor. She is the host of the top-3 iTunes podcast, How To Fail with Elizabeth Day, the co-founder of Pin Drop, a live performance short story studio and is a regular contributor to Sky News and BBC Radio 4.

“The Rich Cream has been amazing. It's really changed my skin for the better. I feel that the impact was almost immediate. It continued to improve and maintain that quality of skin throughout the 27 days. And, the number one thing that I noticed was that it really evened out my skin tone. I haven’t had a single spot in 27 days which is kind of amazing.”

Through the Visia Complexion Analysis System, we captured multiple images of the face, examining the complexion for fine lines and wrinkles, spots, pores, texture, bacteria, UV damage, pigmentation and redness. Visia also compares the skin to others of the same age and ethnicity.

See how worked for Elizabeth:

Skin Concerns:

Fine lines around eyes
Milia around eyes
Psoriasis sometimes causes reddening around corners of nose
Marking on chin
Open pore by corner of nose

Visia Results:

UV Spots Improved by 31% from Day 1 to Day 27
Brown Spots Improved by 11.3% from Day 1 to Day 27
Pores Improved by 11.2% from Day 1 to Day 27
Bacteria Improved by 69.9% from Day 1 to Day 27
Red spots Improved by 7.3%* from Day 1 to Day 27

*Percentages calculated from Visia Scan absolute scores given for each individual over a 27 day period. June-July 2018.

This is the cream that works.