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27 November 2018

Vogue: G-Beauty: German "Doctor Brands" make a career in Hollywood

Bella Hadid, Mélodie Monrose and Diane Kruger are currently praising the products of Barbara Sturm and Dr. Augustinus Bader in the Hollywood sky. And give the seal "Made in Germany" a fresh Insta appeal.

G-Beauty - Cosmetics "Made in Germany" - has this attraction. A brand new honorary title in the beauty cosmos, which preserves our dusty, supposedly fun-free-sounding virtues and now focuses on them all over the world. The coveted products are strictly scientific, thoroughly tested and reliable in their effect - just created by German doctors. And that makes it attractive: G-Beauty promises quality and gives confidence in the colorful and confusing shopping shelves.

Connoisseurs also purr fun when they hear "". Behind it is an unruffled but efficient moisturizer in the midnight blue bottle by Professor Augustinus Bader. The biomedicine and stem cell researcher created a product that stimulates the natural rejuvenation process of the skin and was able to place it immediately at "Violet Grey" in Los Angeles. A knighthood: The store at Melrose Place is considered by experts to be a trend barometer in a city where high-tech beauty and health hypes are created. Not to mention the extremely prominent and mercilessly critical clientele on site. Shop founder Cassandra Grey tests the portfolio accordingly: "Everything has been applied to film sets, on the red carpet, right down to the backseat of Jack Nicholson's sedan."

Diane Kruger is the testimonial of the brand. The actress Dakota Johnson gushes, as does her mother and movie icon Melanie Griffith. She is "The Cream’s” customer of the first hour and the brand and is also an investor. A close-knit network between German cosmetics brands and consumers becomes apparent. It is more than a hype, the stereotypical attributes of the Germans have profoundly convinced. Neglected a decade ago in marketing, "German Doctors" and their creams are on a petting course with the stars. "G-Beauty" is on the road to success, and as La La Land says, "More to come".

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