InStyle: Augustinus Bader wins Reader's Choice Beauty Award

InStyle: Augustinus Bader wins Reader's Choice Beauty Award

14 September 2018

Our 'extraordinary blend' wins Best Anti Ageing Treatment

To prepare for our annual Reader’s Choice Beauty Awards, we tirelessly tested the hundreds of products that launched between summer 2017 and summer 2018 (Hey, not all heroes wear capes) Our goal? To narrow the list down to the best of the best. And determine the nominees for which you, dear reader, could cast your vote. And that you did.


More than 5,000 (!) of you participated in our online survey, and every vote made a difference — particularly in close categories like Liquid Lip Color, Foundation, and Cleanser. You impressed us with your knowledge of niche brands — we thought the wrinkle-reducing magic of Augustinus Bader The Cream was still our little secret — and discerning eye for truly unique products, like Tatcha The Silk Canvas primer. That said, as we predicted, there were some landslide wins (like Neutrogena’s actually-pleasant-to-apply Hydro Boost sunscreen).



Created by Dr. Augustinus Bader, who researches stem cells and wound healing, this extraordinary blend (also available in a rich version) is beloved by dermatologists - and more than a few red-carpet regulars - for its ability to jump-start the skin’s repair function.


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