Byrdie: 5 Skincare Products Victoria Beckham Swears By

Byrdie: 5 Skincare Products Victoria Beckham Swears By

08 November 2018

“This is amazing”

"We've been looking up to Victoria Beckham since her days as Posh Spice simply for being the super chic human that she is. Though her name is typically associated with fashion and her eponymous designer line, we trust her stamp of approval within the beauty world as well. After all, she's 44 years old yet has the smooth, pore-less complexion of a teenager. She's also proven to be quite a beauty buff in her own right, by releasing a makeup collection with Estée Lauder in the past (not to mention showing us all up with her perfect in-flight beauty routine). Rest assured she knows what's up when it comes to beauty.

Yesterday, Beckham took to her Instagram stories to share her brand-new skincare routine with her 23 million followers, crediting Australian celebrity facialist Melanie Grant for the new product recommendations. Keep scrolling to see all five of the new products she's using.


This high-tech skin cream is super buzzy right now. It's being used by celebrities, beauty editors, and influencers alike. Sure, it's expensive, but it makes sense when considering that its purpose is to replace the steps in your beauty routine with a single formula. Again, make sure to read our full review. Spoiler: We agree with Beckham when she calls it "amazing." "

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