Harper’s Bazaar: The Anti-Aging Care of Augustinus Bader

Harper’s Bazaar: The Anti-Aging Care of Augustinus Bader

13 August 2018

"Is it possible to rejuvenate the skin using stem cell technology?"

The first wrinkles are usually discovered mid-20s in the mirror. Then the skin slowly slows down its hyaluronic acid and collagen production, it loses elasticity, becomes thinner and less elastic. If that were not enough, environmental factors such as UV rays additionally negatively affect the activity of skin cells. In search of a new, intelligent wrinkle killer, more and more beauty labels are now taking advantage of insights from biotechnology and medicine. Specifically: the stem cell technology.

Stem cells are everywhere in our body. You can think of them as a kind of repair factory that is constantly busy repairing defects and producing new, fresh cells. Its contained growth factors also stimulate the natural regeneration process of the skin. The only problem: with increasing age, this renewal process decreases, the stem cells divide more slowly. Besides, they are not always active. So it needs a kind of wake-up call for the stem cells to encourage them to produce new skin cells again. This is where the care of Augustinus Bader comes in.

Prof. Augustinus Bader is director of the Institute for Applied Stem Cell Technology and Cell Techniques of the University of Leipzig. The scientist originally had nothing to do with anti-aging. In 2010, he developed a revolutionary treatment for severe skin burns and chronic wounds. Instead of cultivating and implanting tissue in the test tube as before, Dr. Bader a hydrogel for which he filtered stem cells from the blood, adipose tissue and bone marrow of his patients. Together with protein hormones and messengers, they stimulate the body's self-healing powers. The trick: Once this repair mechanism is set in motion, the growth factors and stem cells in the body form fresh, healthy skin. Injuries can heal perfectly without skin grafting and scarring. This shows once again what a miracle of nature our body is.

"I saw the opportunity to bring the technology that I developed for the medical devices to the consumer market and to generate funds to also provide medical treatment to the needy," says Augustinus Bader in an interview about the development of his skincare line. Its cream effectively combats wrinkles, pigmentation and blemished skin. Interestingly enough, stem cells are not included. Rather, the care series moves in the field of epigenetics - in other words, it controls and influences the skin cells in a targeted manner and provides them with exactly what they need based on various active ingredients.

Harper's Bazaar: How does your cream manage to activate and control the body's own stem cells and visibly rejuvenate the skin?

Augustinus Bader: I use the abbreviation ABC to describe this technology. It refers to A) the activation, B) the amplification and C) the binding signals that occur naturally in the body. This ABC technology is included in both my hydrogel and consumer creams. This methodology is a biomimetic and epigenetic concept. It focuses on how the body can heal itself, despite our two main human limitations: the critical size of injury and aging.

How is skin care composed?
The main ingredient of my cream is called TFC 8 or Trigger Factor Complex 8: This particular complex contains 40 different ingredients - vitamins, lipids, proteins and amino acids - which, when added to a high performance base cream, provide the world's best skincare ingredients. In addition, the cream uses a new transport mechanism with ceramide structures to deliver these healing agents into the environment of the body's own stem cells. The complexion improves dramatically, wrinkles and wrinkles on the face disappear significantly. In short, the cream naturally causes the skin to undergo a physiological process of remodeling. It is an innate ability. My skin care line helps to restore the original texture and elasticity of the skin.

How long have you been researching this?
My research in regenerative medicine has been in progress for over 30 years and the Augustinus Bader Care line is inspired by this research and innovation. The development of these creams from my previous medical hydrogel lasted over 18 months.

In fact, you have developed two creams, The Cream and The Rich Cream. At what age should you use them and for which skin types are they suitable?

The creams can be used at any age to support the body's innate renewal process. The cream and the rich cream have two different formulas: the latter is suitable for normal to dry skin. It has an intensely rich formulation with argan, avocado and evening primrose oil, which provides the ultimate in replenishment and hydration. The cream has a lighter formula for oily skin. Its weightless layer hydrates, smoothes and restores the skin's youthful appearance.