Vanity Fair France: Eternal Youth

Vanity Fair France: Eternal Youth

23 March 2018

“Meeting with the alchemist who will save your skin.”

Professor Augustinus Bader, Director of Applied Cell Biology and Cellular Technology at the University of Leipzig, Germany, spent 30 years studying stem cell science. Today, his discoveries go beyond the clinical universe of his laboratories to give birth to a range of skincare products. Simply revolutionary.


The best of biomedical research, a stem cell booster formula and capable of small miracles on the skin ... You are not dreaming, this outstanding cream exists and has been formulated in a laboratory in the heart of Germany's East. Its creator? Augustinus Bader , one of the world leaders in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. This eminent scientist has indeed devoted his life to the quest for a treatment that would promote healing burns without any scars. A search crowned with patents ... and success.

Thanks to the technology he discovered called "The ABC Method" ( Activate , Boost , Commit ), it is now possible to identify and decode the keys that activate and orchestrate the activity of stem cells. Developed in the form of a hydrogel (the Momentum Bionics® ) ABC Method promotes optimal healing of skin trauma and perfect regeneration of the epidermis. This treatment makes it possible, among other things, to avoid the use of skin grafts, post-healing repair surgery and minimizes infections.

Today, the full potential of its discovery is also present in the premium care brand Augustinus Bader, composed of two creams *: normal and rich. Real machines to go back in time.

10% of the profits are donated to the Augustinus Bader Foundation dedicated to biomedical research.


Tell us about your scientific work, your major discoveries?
After years of work and in vitro study on stem cells, cell expansion, 3D tissues and extracorporeal systems, I started to understand how The body was able to heal itself despite our two major human limitations: injuries and aging. So I developed an in vivo physiological concept and an effective method in trauma and progressive aging conditions. I use the acronym "ABC" to describe this technology which refers to the activation of signals between stem cells (A), their boost (B) and their consolidation (C).

What is the role of stem cells?
They are involved in the process of skin repair. If their micro-environment is damaged, which happens every day (cut, burn, irritation, stress ...), the stem cells are called to the duty to repair the damage locally. The older we get, the more inborn signals they emit between each other. And their ability to multiply and self-repair inevitably decreases. Creams formulated with the ABC method are comparable to a very healthy diet that would keep the body healthy. Self-healing of the skin is indeed a natural physiological process that simply needs a little support so that the epidermis can be replenished daily.

How do the creams developed with the ABC method work on our skin?
In addition to the ABC technology initially reserved for the medical community to treat burns, we have added a complex called TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex 8). Instead of using just one star-ingredient, we have combined more than 40 different active ingredients into one cream - medical grade vitamins, lipids, proteins and amino acids. This high performance cream therefore provides the best nutrients to the skin, perfectly adapted to its local micro-environment. The cream uses a kind of "transport network" that delivers to the skin all the powerful healing ingredients that make up the building blocks of healthy skin.

What benefits can we expect?
The two creams, with their properties inspired by medical research, aim to restore the youth and elasticity of the skin. The complexion improves and expression lines fade significantly. The cream allows the skin to ensure its natural physiological process of reorganization.

Why did you choose to develop a cosmetics line?
As a doctor, professor and researcher, I had never considered creating a line of care and offering ABC technology to the general public. But my point of view changed when I met contractor Charles Rosier . The latter has indeed suggested launching a brand in order to finance my research. This new perspective convinced me and I agreed to formulate cosmetics. Part of the benefits are therefore donated to support the development of stem cell science (including skin therapies for children with severe burns).