Vogue Italia: Beauty Revolution

Vogue Italia: Beauty Revolution

15 February 2018

“Skincare products for a wrinkle-free and regenerated skin thanks to stem cells.”

The revolutionary skincare line created by Augustinus Bader arrives in Milan, in Corso Como 10

Perfection is not of this world, they say. Yet, in our being so stoically "wrong", we have some aspects that can tend - or at least point - to the exalted. Among these is the ability of our skin to regenerate. As? Thanks to stem cells. This was demonstrated by Augustinus Bader, Director and Professor of Applied Biology of Stem Cells and Cellular Technology at the University of Leipzig , internationally known for his studies in the field of regenerative medicine.

On February 12th he presented his revolutionary skincare line in Milan, at Corso Como 10 . A collection born "good": to push the Professor to invent it in fact, the desire to give burns children a quick and scar-free healing. From here, the noble hi-tech gesture . This is where the Cream and the Rich Cream come from two products that drastically change the appearance of the skin.

At the base in fact there is the TFC8, Trigger Factor Complex . It is an elixir of amino acids, vitamins and synthesized molecules that are naturally found in our skin. A real revolution, however, that maintains its initial consistency intact: 10% of the proceeds are always invested in scientific medical research with the aim of improving the lives of those who need it most.