The Hair Revitalizing Complex Refill

30-Day refill
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The Hair Revitalizing Complex is a clean, science-backed dietary supplement proven to improve hair health and quality, support new hair growth, and actively combat damage, shedding, breakage, and loss - providing tangible results for your most pressing hair concerns.

Backed by over 30 years of research in cellular repair, this unique formulation takes a sophisticated approach to supporting the internal pillars of a revitalized scalp and thriving, healthy hair: Improved cellular functioning, a healthy hair-follicle microenvironment, the efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to and removal of cellular waste from the hair follicles, the synthesis of keratin and collagen, and proper, purposeful nourishment. This is haircare redefined.

Available as a complete set, or refill only. Complete set is housed in a 100% recyclable glass jar, recycled FSC carton, and FSC certified leaflet.


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