Il Sole 24 Ore: Medicina Rigenerativa

Il Sole 24 Ore: Medicina Rigenerativa

19 March 2018

“Augustinus Bader applies stem cell research to skincare.”

"My aim has always been to help people who have suffered severe burns, especially small patients. So I developed a medical hydrogel that avoids skin grafts and from this discovery I created a new line of skin care ", says Augustinus Bader, one of the leading experts in the field of regenerative medicine and professor of applied stem cell biology. University of Leipzig, which Moda 24 met in Milan for the launch of the new line.

The line, which bears his name, contains two products for the face: The Cream and The Rich Cream, the former has a lighter formulation, the latter a richer texture for greater hydration. "At the base of these creams is a complex that I have patented the TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex) that includes as many as 40 amino acids, peptides, vitamins and synthetic molecules naturally present in the skin. This complex enhances the deepest cellular energy by building an optimal environment to trigger the skin imaging repair process ».

A complex research

Thirty years of research to develop the hydrogel, called Momentum Bionics Hydrogel, which cares for burns and eliminates the need for skin grafts and surgery for the remission of scars. This is confirmed by a series of published scientific studies, one of which concerns a girl of almost three years, with a second degree burn, on her legs, improved after one month and completely healed after one year, without skin grafts, but only with Hydrogel.

"To develop it, I used my ABC Method technology, where the acronym stands for Activate, Boost and Commit, three distinct functions that simultaneously act as the natural healing process. Looking at how this medical hydrogel could heal the skin burn, I decided to apply the same technology to slow down aging. Of course it was not easy to translate such a complex technology to an intact skin and I had to change the approach: from the TFC1 complex, contained in the hydrogel, I developed the TFC8, active but "mixed" differently for a different result ».

Self-regenerating cosmetics

The new line by Professor Bader is able to "dialogue" with stem cells to counteract skin aging, reduce wrinkles and damage caused by environmental stress. The results are assured after two weeks, it is sufficient to apply only the cream twice a day, morning and evening, without inserting the serum and the eye contour into the beauty routine. Future projects? «We are thinking about a travel size and a complementary line, including: a mask, a detergent and a body oil. Next year, however, there will be a big news, a revolutionary product to fight hair loss ».

Many will ask why an internationally renowned professor should try his hand at creating a new skincare line. It is easy to say: 10% of the profits deriving from the purchase of products will be donated to the Augustinus Bader Foundation, a company that collaborates with specialized hospitals and where the professor has offered free treatment to burn victims for several years and continues his research in the biomedical field.

The new skincare line is on sale at 10 Corso Como, Milan and on