Reawakening the Body and Reinventing Aging

Reawakening the Body and Reinventing Aging

20 July 2021

Deepak Chopra joins our co-founders Professor Augustinus Bader and Charles Rosier as they discuss aging, stem cells and the future of rejuvenation.

This week on the Bader Journal, we spotlight a panel conversation originally presented on IGTV. Here we offer key highlights, and encourage you to enjoy the full video for a deeper dive into the science behind our skincare.


The Future of Regeneration

As a company, Augustinus Bader is founded on a scientific insight pioneered by Professor Bader, that cells are capable of regenerating, challenging our traditional understanding of aging. In a recent virtual event, four innovative thinkers -- pioneer in integrative health & well-being Deepak Chopra; mental health advocate Gabriella Wright; and our co-founders, Professor Augustinus Bader and Charles Rosier -- joined together for an in-depth conversation on the relationship between the passage of time, the role of stem cells, and the future of rejuvenation. 

“Human aging is flexible, not like the aging of other species, I believe, because we have self-awareness and we know how to target our behavior patterns.” - Deepak Chopra

While many aspects of life’s journey are inevitable, the visible signs of aging that surface on skin are not. The biological wisdom of the body is an innate ability of the cells to regenerate, as natural repair processes are triggered. Conventionally, we are resigned to a slowing down of these processes and the resulting accumulation of damage over time. But by reminding the body how to renew itself at the cellular level, we can reverse and prevent certain kinds of damage, while creating a more beautiful paradigm for aging -- what Professor Bader calls “a healthy progression of time.” 

"It's the innate technology, the innate wisdom, the mechanisms that we may be able to work on that help us stay more healthy, for a longer time. Some people might call it rejuvenation, but basically, it is just an assistance in our innate repair processes" - Professor Augustinus Bader

“What I've learned about your skincare adventure with this wonderful cream, you actually have gone beyond harvesting stem cells from any organ or tissue. What you're saying is that we can use some kind of a product that could actually stimulate stem cells internally and bring about rejuvenation” - Deepak Chopra

“I think we have a genetic clock, which shuts down the access to our own repair signals, as we progress with time. I think it is a lack of regeneration because we seem to have a predetermined reduced access to our own repair capacity.” - Professor Bader 


“These are very interesting insights that fit in with the total understanding that aging is reversible, that aging can be delayed, that we can have a healthy healthspan, in addition to a healthy lifespan.” - Deepak Chopra

Through innovative scientific and medical approaches, we are redefining aging with practical, clinical considerations for how to help the body optimize its own health and longevity -- empowering our cells and our selves. 

Watch the full conversation: