The Beauty of Proof

The Beauty of Proof

28 September 2021

When it comes to skincare, the proof is undeniable.


At Augustinus Bader, we have developed the industry’s most rigorous protocols and standards for clinical testing, to determine the efficacy of our formulas for the widest range of skin types, textures, ages, backgrounds, lifestyles and concerns. Everyone’s skin is unique, and we are committed to ensuring that Augustinus Bader works for you.


Our revolutionary methodology follows the example of Professor Bader’s clinical lab research, and is rooted in objective observation and analysis. We test each product with a diverse group of subjects for a period of no less than 27 days, the time it takes for skin cells to regenerate, and up to 12 weeks. In some cases, we take readings of the skin several times over the course of a day, for a real-time understanding of the skin’s reaction to the formula.


The Results

The results are meticulously measured and documented using cutting-edge technology such as the VISIA Complexion Analysis System, analyzed by expert clinicians, and assessed by the subjects themselves. This comprehensive approach enables us to examine the skin with unmatched accuracy, calculating visible changes down to a tenth of a percentage point. Depending on the formula, we look for improvements to fine lines and wrinkles, spots, pores, texture, hydration, bacteria, UV damage, pigmentation and redness.

Our two newest formulas, The Serum and The Eye Cream, have been put through these typically vigorous paces with results that not only pleased our test subjects, but met and even exceeded the expectations of our development experts. In a 12-week Clinical Trial of 30 women and men between the ages of 18 - 65:

The Serum:

  • Improved the appearance of skin radiance by 296%
  • Improved skin hydration by 292%
  • Improved the feel of skin firmness by 270%
  • Improved the appearance of even skin tone by 264%
  • Improved the feel of skin elasticity by 247%

The Eye Cream

  • Improved skin’s evenness by 212%
  • Improved hydration by 204%
  • Visibly improved skin radiance by 190%
  • Improved the feel of skin elasticity by 198%
  • Improved the feel of skin firmness by 165%

In an industry that lacks stringent regulations, many skincare companies skip clinicals because they are costly and time-consuming. At Augustinus Bader, clinicals trials are our highest priority investment, not just for your skin but also for your peace of mind.

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