Glamour: Why German Beauty is the Next Big Thing in Skincare

Glamour: Why German Beauty is the Next Big Thing in Skincare

28 August 2019

"Bader's stem-cell fuelled skin hero is a feat of German engineering and is meticulously crafted to support the skin's own structure and promote your healthiest complexion yet."

Korean beauty, AKA K-Beauty, got us hooked on lush jelly cleansers and silky BB creams. Japanese beauty, or J-Beauty, gave us healthy SPF formulas, sake-based serums and sheet masks for days. Now, the biggest trend in skincare may just be German beauty - naturally, also known as G-Beauty.

What exactly is G-Beauty, then? It's renowned for being efficient, made to target specific skin concerns, backed by scientific evidence and largely full of natural ingredients. “German beauty sticks to a science-led ethos rather than being driven by fads, trends, or fashion. It is technology-driven and sticks to strict protocols: everything has to be tested and fact checked,” says Rowan Hall-Farisse, International Head Trainer at German skincare brand QMS Medicosmetics. “For Germans, skincare is a necessity, not a luxury. To them skincare is more about wellness and efficacy than just finding something considered to be luxurious or a pampering experience,” she adds.

Generally, a "Made In Germany" sticker is a sign that a product is clean, natural and low in toxins. Beauty editors know to go German when they want something classic, functional and powerful. German beauty brands have a global reputation for being organic and sustainable, with the industry over there heavily into farm-based manufacturing. “Bio-dynamic farming has been championed in Germany since the early 1900’s with it growing in popularity in the 70’s,” says Charles Beardsall, Managing Director of WALA UK (Dr Hauschka’s parent company).

Alongside it’s natural ethos, however, what sets German beauty brands apart is its science-led approach and in particular, its ability to blend nature with cutting-edge tricks and techniques to get the most out of their products.

It’s not just ingredients from nature that they’re honing either. Natural processes are influencing the products produced in Germany. “The demand for science-backed healthy skincare products that use physiologic ways to support the body’s own healing processes has developed naturally,” explains Dr Augustinus Bader who developed his own skincare line based off these very principles. “Knowledge around the new field of stem cell physiology has grown exponentially over the last few years. So why not apply this knowledge to create better and safer consumer products to enrich the field of skincare based upon skin physiology?” The formulas at Augustinus Bader take inspiration from wound healing physiology based on Dr Bader’s own medical research in the field of stem cell science. They replicate our own skin by taking natural amino acids, medical-grade vitamins, high quality lipids, algal molecules and synthesised molecules naturally found in skin to provide a cocktail of health-supporting skin food.

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