Myself: The Bader Complex

Myself: The Bader Complex

03 May 2018

“After that it is soft, saturated and does not need any additional care.”


Stem cell biologist Augustinus Bader landed a big scoop in wound healing a few years ago. How good is his first Anti-Aging cream?

Whenever I have a new pot with anti-aging cream, my imagination runs away with me: I see me, a few weeks later in my (sevenfold!) magnifying mirror in a vain search for lines. This has actually never happened. With this test object my expectation is especially high. The Cream in a blue pump dispenser was developed by Augustinus Bader. A man who is still largely unknown in the beauty industry – in contrast to his original field regenerative medicine. The professor of cell techniques and applied stem cell biology at the University of Leipzig caused a stir in 2010: he found out how nature controls the body’s own stem cells in the case of an injury. With his knowledge, he developed a hydrogel that supports the repair mechanisms of the skin when burns occur, so that the wound heals faster, less scar tissue.

With this knowledge He developed a hydrogel that burns the repair mechanisms the skin supports, so the wounds heal faster, less scar tissue arises and skin grafts become superfluous. It consists among other things of messenger substances of the immune system, so-called cytokines. Also with severe wound healing disorders such as for example in diabetes and bone defects, his approach has already worked. And now facial creams. A one with lighter, a one with rich texture. Both should help to make small lines and wrinkles disappear and reduce redness and age spots, if you apply them in the morning and in the evening.

I choose the rich one Variation with argan, avocado sound evening primrose oil, sniff it (no perfume) and rub it in between the fingertips: no silicones. This is good. They are responsible for this pseudo-soft skin feeling that makes me uncomfortable because of it’s artificial feels and no real benefits - except just the pseudo-soft skin feel. But this texture is great, the cream is super-spread and contains enough fats which my skin absorbs immediately. After that it is soft, saturated and does not need any additional care.

Augustinus Bader’s creams do not require any serum or ampoule pre-treatment: cleansing, tonic, cream - done. To check if and what happens, I look in the magnifying mirror for a reference wrinkle. The selection is great. I take a crease left below the corner of my mouth. It's hardly noticeable to the naked eye, but because cosmetics smooth out mini-wrinkles at best, a really deep wrinkle is not a fair consideration. The innovative thing about Augustinus Baders skin care: It is based on findings from stem cell science. But that does not mean stem cells are in this cosmetics. Neither human - what would be prohibited by law anyway - nor herbal. "Apple stem cells, for example, can only produce apple cells," explains Bader. "That's why I've been working on the mechanisms of the body's own regeneration." His cream ensures that the micro-environment of the skin stem cells is supplied with exactly the building blocks it needs to create the right messengers that trigger a regeneration and rejuvenation process in the cells. “This repair mechanism works well with young skin but worse, the older we get," says the scientist. In over 25 years of research, he has decrypted why and how skin heals. From these findings his cream benefits, more precisely said, Bader’s Trigger Factor Complex, short TFC8. "It consists of 40 different substances, so to speak a three-star menu of amino acids, vitamins and synthesized molecules, taking the body's own stem cells as cooks," he explains. If UV radiation, environmental toxins, alcohol or add nicotine attack skin cells and stimulate their repair mechanism, the TFC8 gives building blocks to them, which they need to produce elastic fibers and produce young skin instead of hardened collagen, which would lead to the loss of elasticity and wrinkles.

The man has tinkered two years on this mixture. He travels a lot, travels the world to advance his research. Ten percent of profit flows into new medical research projects. My private research project is now running for three weeks. The first results are promising: The red veins in the nasal fold are paler, and also the one little red spot on the cheek (a remnant of somewhat rude executed pimple disposal) has disappeared. Obviously, the message has spread that enough material for the construction of prettier, young cells is at disposal in the microenvironment. Also the reference crease is less visible but still can tolerate an additional supplement for the final conversions. It can have that! In the pump dispenser is still enough cream for another three weeks. Let’s go, get to work!

Marie-Luise Wenzlawski
The beauty expert has been testing
anti-aging products for decades. Even for her, this cream
is a little revolution.