The Stripe Beauty Chat: Meet Dr. Bader

The Stripe Beauty Chat: Meet Dr. Bader

02 May 2018

“Over time I’ve noticed my biggest skin flaws (redness, fine lines) reducing. My skin is so much more smooth, even, and supple.”

It’s been a while since a skincare product (especially a face cream) has really, truly knocked my socks off. I mean I try a lot of stuff and have my tried + true favs so for a product to work itself DEEPLY into my rotation is pretty major. Enter Doctor Augustinus Bader.

I was initially lured in by his story. He’s a professor of stem cell biology and overall humanitarian. The central focus of his work involves helping burn victims; and his greatest desire is to figure out a scar-free healing treatment for the disfigured. Pretty cool right? Yeah. Dr. Bader’s biggest breakthrough came through with a medical grade hydrogel. It eliminated the need for skin grafts, and made healing SO much easier… inspiring him to create life-changing treatments for the underprivileged.

Amazing, right? But how does this involve us (and our wrinkles)? Well. To finance those life-changing treatments, he needed to create a viable business, right? An advisor suggested using this same breakthrough technology to create an anti-aging cream and from there The Cream and The Rich Cream were born. These creams launched this past February. I can honestly say with full confidence that in the next six months you guys are going to hear a LOT about this brand and selfishly, I wanted you to hear about it from me first as I am OBSESSED. It’s heavy on science and it WORKS. The Cream is a lighter formulation – it’s soft and weightless… and hydrates – the perfect day cream. The Rich Cream though, is my favorite as it’s really dense and creamy (like my beloved La Mer).

Both creams contain TFC8 – Dr. Bader’s trigger factor complex, comprised of amino acids, vitamins, and molecules naturally found in skin. It creates an optimal environment for repair and renewal. Both creams are designed to minimize frown lines and wrinkles (I pack The Rich Cream on at night around my eyes to help with those. In using them, my skin is immediately more hydrated; but over time (I’ve been using the cream every day, morning + night for 2.5 weeks). I’ve noticed my biggest skin flaws (redness, fine lines) reducing. My skin is so much more smooth, even, and supple. I CANNOT recommend it enough. It’s the best moisturizer I’ve tried in ages. And yes it’s expensive, but the bottle lasts a surprisingly long time and it is truly the most high-tech cream I’ve ever tried. Prepare to be obsessed – and hear a LOT more about this man, and his creams.

The only thing is that you shouldn’t use a serum if you use this – it needs to be the first thing on your skin so that the ingredients are the first thing your skin absorbs. You an apply oil afterward if your skin needs it, but let the cream fully absorb first.

Annnnd also… for each bottle purchased, ten percent of profits go to his foundation to help those who need it most!