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You’ve been using our cream for 27 days, and we can’t wait to see the results.

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What do I need to submit?

As we received your ‘before’ photo, we’d love to now receive your ‘after’ photo to see the difference our products have made to your skin.

If you wish to, you can also upload a video testimonial where you can tell us, in your own words, how your experience of using our products has been.

How do I submit my photo and/or video?

For your ‘after’ photo, try to recreate your ‘before’ photo by taking it against the same – or similar - backdrop.

Just like when you submitted your ‘before’ photo, use the form below to share it with us. Should you wish to, you can also record and submit a video here, too.

You’ll know when your upload has been successful as you’ll be shown a confirmation message.

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Do this by visiting www.augustinusbader.com/my27days

When will I get my reward?

Once you’ve submitted your final selfie to us, we’ll review it to make sure it meets the standards we’ve outlined. If we’re happy that these have been met, we’ll follow-up with an email which will include a special gift of 25% off* your next order. You should receive this within one working day.

*You will receive 25% off one order over $50 made at augustinusbader.com. This offer is not valid on Victoria Beckham Beauty or Discovery Duos, or in conjunction with any other offer and is subject to change.

What happens to my images and videos?

We want to share your results with our community so by submitting your images, you are consenting them being used in Augustinus Bader global marketing*.

What if I have a problem or can't upload?

Simply get in touch with our Customer Services team through the feedback button in the bottom right of the screen.

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