Augustinus Bader Stocking Stuffers

Augustinus Bader Stocking Stuffers

27 November 2023


The holidays are right around the corner! As you gear up to spend much-needed time with your friends and family, we're here to help you simplify the shopping process with haircare and skincare stocking stuffers.


Augustinus Bader's skincare and haircare formulas are science-backed and contain only the best, high-quality ingredients. So, when you give the gift of AB, you can feel confident that the products will impress your loved ones.


We created a list of the best skincare gift sets and mini items on our website. Each set contains the most luxurious skincare and haircare mini items that fit perfectly into stockings.


Here's our haircare and skincare holiday gift sets:



AB Gifting for All


At Augustinus Bader, we have a variety of skincare gift sets you can take advantage of this holiday season. We expertly create each gift set to target different skin concerns and help you achieve visually healthier-looking skin. All our products are backed by over 30+ years of scientific research, so you can feel confident that your stocking stuffers will deliver results.


Here's what we have available this holiday season:


Most Popular


Our best skincare gift sets are suitable for all skin types and aim to hydrate, plump, and revive complexions. They're the perfect go-to when your skin needs a reset, or you need to build a results-driven skincare routine. Our most popular skincare stocking stuffers are everyday essentials you should include in your day or nighttime routine.


The Starter Kit With The Rich Cream

Our four-step Starter kit has the essentials to build an effective skincare routine, including The Cream Cleansing Gel, The Essence, The Face Oil, and The Rich Cream, which is a rich moisturizer tailored to people with normal to dry skin and more mature skin types.


Great for those looking to start a new skincare routine and lean the basics, or those who already love Bader and travel often. If you have oily or blemish-prone skin, The Starter Kit With The Cream might be the kit you need.


The Discovery Duo

Our Discovery Duo is the perfect way to set your loved ones up for skincare success, featuring two travel-size bottles of The Rich Cream and The Cream. Whether you're struggling with dry skin, acne, or hyperpigmentation, this kit works for morning and evening routines and is ultra-hydrating and versatile. Consistent use of either moisturizer will help you dramatically revive your skin. Both moisturizers contain our patented TFC8 technology as well as the fatty acids, antioxidants, and amino acids your skin needs to stay hydrated and visually healthier.

Winter Kits


When the humidity drops and the air gets too dry, your skin may become red, dry, or irritated. The colder weather, continuous hot showers, and constant use of your indoor heat can impact your skin's moisture barrier, leading to excessive dryness and irritation. Whether it's the cold climate or sensitive skin, we have winter-ready holiday skincare gift sets you'll want to explore. Here are the best skincare gift sets to tackle harsh winter conditions:


The Winter Radiance System

The Winter Radiance System features three innovative luxury skincare products formulated to keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and radiant during frigid winters. This set features The Cream Cleansing Gel, The Eye Patches, and The Rich Cream, our ultra-hydrating formulas clinically proven to lock in moisture and combat skin imperfections. This system is the perfect skincare stocking stuffer for those with dry skin or anyone who lives in cold weather climates.


The Winter Recovery Kit

The Winter Recovery Kit contains The Serum, The Eye Cream, The Rich Cream, and The Lip Balm. Together, these four heroes will deeply hydrate your skin and improve skin barrier function. These products are ideal for those who struggle with dry or sensitive skin and need nutrient-rich skincare essentials to get them through the season.


Haircare Kits


Whether it's dry ends, frizz, or flyaways, we're here to help. While we don't have any pre-made holiday hair care gifts, we have a perfect and dependable solution. Our haircare essentials come with the same TFC8® technology and nutrient-rich ingredients as our skincare and body care. Whether it's dry ends, flyaways, or constant frizz, we have hair care solutions that can treat a variety of common hair concerns.


Here's what you should slip into their stockings this year:


The Hair Oil

The Hair Oil, our revitalizing elixir formulated with ultra-hydrating botanicals and TFC8® technology, can mend split ends, reduce breakage, and improve the visual appearance of your hair. During our 12-week clinical trials, The Hair Oil increased hair smoothness and hydration by 278% and 87%, respectively.


The Neem Comb

The Neem Comb is crafted from neem wood, renowned for its antibacterial and antifungal properties that boost scalp and hair health and enhance your hair's visual appearance. During our 12-week user trials, 93% agreed that The Neem Comb helped increase shine, while 94% agreed that their hair looked and felt healthier. For the ultimate haircare stocking stuffer, we recommend pairing The Neem Comb with The Hair Oil.


AB Travel Size Products


Our line of travel-size products is perfect for the person in your life who's always on the go. Our mini items are safe to take by plane, train, or car, allowing your loved ones to prepare for new adventures in 2024.


The Hand Cream and The Lip Balm

These AB favorites are perfect for those always on the go. Both products contain ultra-hydrating ingredients and are travel-size to fit your carry-on or purse. During our 12-week trials, 98% agreed that their lips felt soft, smooth, and supple after using The Lip Balm.


The Eye Patches

There's nothing worse than getting off a plane with puffy eyes and dark circles. The Eye Patches contain Acetylated Hyaluronic Acid and niacinamide. They are the perfect go-to to carry when you're on the go and want to energize your complexion. During our 4-week user trials, 87% agreed that The Eye Patches plumped the skin around the eyes, and 79% experienced a reduction in eye area puffiness.



Explore Skincare Stocking Suffers From Augustinus Bader


Ready to start your holiday shopping? At Augustinus Bader, our skincare essentials contain nutrient-rich formulas backed by over 30+ years of clinical research. Our holiday skincare gift sets and mini items are the perfect stocking stuffers for those special people in your life. Whether new to skincare or skincare gurus, your loved ones will love the skincare stocking stuffers from Augustinus Bader.


And if you'd like mini items of our most popular best sellers, you'll be pleased to know that most of our skincare products come in the 15ml size.


Explore our collection of gifts today.


Replenishing body wash for silky smooth skin
The Cream Cleansing Gel, The Rich Cream, The Eye Cream & The Essence
Cleanses & hydrates the scalp & hair
Rich moisturizer for normal to dry skin
The Hand Treatment & The Lip Balm
Strengthens & thickens hair strands - building volume & body
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