Celebrities Who Wear Augustinus Bader

Celebrities Who Wear Augustinus Bader

19 May 2023


It's no secret that celebrities and models have a team of skincare experts and makeup artists to help them achieve beautiful, glowing skin for red carpets and runways. Celebrities spend countless hours getting facials, procedures, and beauty treatments to maintain their natural beauty and achieve camera readiness.

But irrespective of these benefits, celebrities also have skincare routines.

From Kim Kardashian to Hailey Bieber, a never-ending list of A-list celebrities proudly endorse Augustinus Bader's skincare products on social media and online. So don't be surprised when you spot the iconic blue Augustinus Bader bottles in celebrity Instagram or Snapchat stories. 

Below is a compilation of Augustinus Bader's celebrities and their top picks for the brand's most talked-about products.



Hailey Bieber and The Rich Cream 



Hailey Bieber is known for her glowing, flawless complexion that always looks seamlessly perfect, and there's a reason for that. Celebrity Skin Expert, Melanie Grant revealed that The Rich Cream moisturizer was Hailey Bieber’s favorite product following her Augustinus Bader facial. The Rich Cream was key to achieving a dewy and hydrated look for Hailey, and many of her fans commented that the revelation made them eager to try out the product. 

The Rich Cream is our award-winning daily moisturizer powered by TFC8® technology to support cellular renewal, promote elasticity, and prevent transepidermal water loss. It's also a staple of the Hailey Bieber skincare routine. During our clinical trials, participants reported a 100% increase in skin elasticity and a 92% increase in firmness in only four weeks. 

TFC8® technology helps with cellular rejuvenation and guides vital nutrients to your cells, which helps to revive and renew your skin. To experience The Rich Cream like Hailey Bieber, we recommend using it consistently as part of your daytime and nighttime skincare routine. 



Pati Dubroff using The Light Cream on Margot Robbie



Margot Robbie never ceases to amaze us when she walks the red carpet. Thanks to her personal makeup artist Pati Dubroff, Margot always radiates with a stunning complexion and perfect makeup application. Pati Dubroff revealed that she uses our mattifying moisturizer, The Light Cream, to achieve the ideal look. 

In a recent interview with W magazine, Dubroff noted: “I’m loving the skincare moisturizers from Dr. Augustinus Bader. He’s a world-renowned German professor who has created skincare rooted in stem cell rejuvenation...helping people look the most healthy, radiant version of themselves.”

The Light Cream features a blend of super hydrating and potent botanicals that strengthen the skin barrier and balance sebum levels for immediate and long-term shine control. The formula also helps to renew and improve your complexion. 

During our clinical trials, participants noticed a 38% reduction in skin sebum, with 54% less noticeable pores. This refreshing, weightless formula is ideal for individuals with oily skin types or those who live in a humid climate. 

To achieve that red carpet-ready look like Margot Robbie, we recommend using The Light Cream as your go-to moisturizer before applying makeup; this will help you achieve that matte finish and help combat excess oil accumulating on your skin. 



Lily Aldridge Using The Rich Cream



 Renowned model Lily Aldridge recently shared with her Instagram followers that The Rich Cream is her must-have skincare product. She especially loves carrying it while traveling to quickly hydrate and refresh her skin on the go. 

The Rich Cream is perfect for traveling by air, land, or sea and offers skin relief amid ever-changing weather conditions. Our best-selling cream protects your skin against environmental aggressors, leaving you with supple skin wherever you go.



Victoria Beckham and her collaboration with the brand




Facialist Melanie Grant introduced Victoria Beckham to Augustinus Bader, who urged her to try The Rich Cream. Victoria declared it exceptional and now uses this ultra-hydrating moisturizer on her models before runway shows to help them achieve radiant, glowing skin.

Now, Victoria partners with us to create a new standard in science-backed beauty. Our line of Augustinus Bader by Victoria Beckham products features cell-rejuvenating skincare essentials designed to protect, renew, and hydrate your skin. 

One of the hero products in this collection is The Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer, which is available in two shades: Original and Golden. Both help to illuminate your complexion and provide an effortless glow pre-makeup. Professor Bader’s patented TFC8® technology powers all of the products in this collection, supporting the skin’s natural cell renewal processes while delivering a next-level shine to your complexion.  



Other celebrity fans of The Rich Cream


The list of celebrities doesn't stop there. Jennifer Anniston loves our clean ingredient formula and uses it when filming “The Morning Show.” In a recent Vogue video on how she prepares for the runway, supermodel Karen Elson praised The Rich Cream as "the secret elixir for my skin [and] my go-to for all things."

Sandra Oh, Naomi Campbell, and Demi Moore have also shared with their social media followers that The Rich Cream is an integral part of their beauty routine. 

There's a reason The Rich Cream has a neverending list of celebrity credits. The secret is TFC8® technology, which helps with cellular rejuvenation and guides critical nutrients to your cells, which helps to revive and renew your skin. 



Get The A-List Celebrity Look With Augustinus Bader



Want skin like Hailey Bieber or Victoria Beckham? It's easier than you think. At Augustinus Bader, our award-winning face serums, creams, and moisturizers hydrate, renew, and nourish your complexion. TFC8® technology and over 30 years of science, research, and clinical studies power our products so you can feel confident in achieving celebrity-approved results. 

Just ask Kim Kardashian. After the 2022 Met Gala, Kim’s longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic revealed in an Instagram post that Kim uses three of Augustinus Bader's luxury skin care products: "I cleansed Kim's face with The Cream Cleansing Gel. Using a cotton pad, I applied The Essence all over her face. Once The Essence was absorbed, I applied The Cream all over [her] skin."

Ready to enhance your skincare like Augustinus Bader celebrities? Explore our collection today.


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