Evening Standard: Nivea vs. Augustinus Bader The Body Cream

Evening Standard: Nivea vs. Augustinus Bader The Body Cream

28 May 2020

"Bader's products are an investment, but they gained cult-status for a reason"

For some reason the language we use to describe beauty products borrows its terms from that used to describe dairy produce.


Think about it: a cleansing milk, a body cream, a whipped moisturiser. The words imply indulgence, connotations of something delicious and desirable, not dissimilar to the act of beauty and caring for yourself.


But the polarising prices of beauty products is where things can start to get tricky. A cleansing milk or its moisturising counterpart may be wonderful, but their costs can differentiate so much, that one can be left wondering just what the difference is between the bargain buy and the re-mortage-your-house buy.


So we thought it might be worth giving both ends of the spectrum a trial run, so that you don't have to. This week, it's two cult classic body creams, Nivea's classic 'Creme' and Augustinus Bader's newly launched 'The Body Cream'. Is the latter worth a price tag of over £100 more? We tested both for a week to find out...

Smell: The Body Cream is scentless and, while I loved the seemingly endless bouts of hydration it offered my skin, I enjoy the act of lathering my body in a fragranced cream. There's a reason Laura Mercier's Ambre Vanille Soufflé Body Crème is one of Space NK's best-sellers - we, the people, like our bodies to smell of dessert!

Texture: Now this is where the money is. The Body Cream - and this is no exaggeration - melts into the skin. Where the Nivea Creme sort of just sits on the surface of the skin, almost like a sticky marinade, the whipped texture of The Body Cream means that it takes just one swipe to massage onto skin et voila! It's absorbed. Despite its lack of a discernible scent, the ease of applying The Body Cream made considerable amends.


Result: I don't know if spending too much time in my own home has given me squiffy vision, but I am sure that my cellulite has all but gone in the ten days that I've been using The Body Cream. Not only that but scars from childhood on my body are noticeably smaller and my skin, which has been parched, is actually glowing. Bader's products are an investment, but they gained cult-status for a reason. 


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