How to Apply with Timothy James

How to Apply with Timothy James

19 June 2018

Timothy James is a 33 year old Architect, photographer and creative director of Thisistimothy. Born and raised in the UK, Timothy completed his Masters In Design and Architecture before enjoying a three year hiatus in Sydney where his modelling and social media career began. During his time in Sydney, Timothy worked with various international brands across TV, Print and Digital Media whilst developing his own brand through social media. Residing back in London, Timothy is renowned for being up to date with trends, and has an individual sense of style that exudes confidence and masculinity. His unique approach and creativity along with his passion for architecture allows Timothy to bring to life highly conceptualised imagery to share with his audience.

My Skincare Routine

I usually work late into the night, so when heading to bed, I apply Augustinus Bader, The Rich Cream to my face and neck, applying in an upward motion and gentle massaging into my skin. If my eyes are showing signs of the late nights I would apply a gentle overnight eye cream-dabbing gently around my eyes.

I start every morning with a hot shower to wake up- once I have dried and my skin has cooled down, I first apply a toner-which I’ll allow to dry whilst getting ready. Once my skin is dry I apply two squirts of The Augustinus Bader Cream, again taking care around my eyes. Once I've finished applying to my face I'll then run my hands through my beard-working the cream into my skin beneath. Every few days I'll use a beard oil for this too-this helps to help keep the skin beneath my beard in a healthy condition. The combination of the two creams has eliminated the need for so many products from my bathroom cabinet.

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