How To Keep Skin Healthy And Glowing In Winter

How To Keep Skin Healthy And Glowing In Winter

28 December 2022


Everyone wants to look luminescent all year long, but your glowy skin may need some special attention during months when chilly winds, cold temperatures, and low humidity can wreak havoc. If you follow some simple and smart skincare strategies, you’ll discover that a bright, beautiful complexion doesn’t have to dim in winter.



Tips for Glowy Skin

It’s easier than you may think to ensure that your skin looks its best. These recommendations take into account how your complexion may be affected by dry winter weather (and the drying indoor heat that often accompanies cold climates). Here’s how to keep skin healthy and glowing in winter.

1. Keep Skin Hydrated

A moisture barrier rests upon the surface of your skin. When this barrier is healthy and hydrated, your skin looks plumper and firmer, giving you a more youthful appearance. A strong moisture barrier also protects your skin from free radical damage (caused by sun exposure, pollutants, and other environmental irritants) that contributes to the signs of aging.

Your skin barrier needs extra support to stay hydrated during winter months, which is why a powerful moisturizer should be the cornerstone of your glowy skincare routine. A thicker, creamer moisturizer is preferable for colder seasons to ensure adequate hydration and protection. A product with skin-supporting vitamins and botanicals nourishes and conditions your complexion, and you should moisturize day and night for best results.


2. Exfoliate Your Skin

Skin cell turnover refreshes and renews your complexion, so you want to clear away dead skin cell build-up that dulls your natural glow, clogs your pores, and contributes to an uneven skin texture. Exfoliation removes these dead cells, dirt, debris, and excess oils.

But there are right and wrong ways to exfoliate in winter. Granular scrubs are rough, particularly on sensitive skin, and they can exacerbate skin that is already irritated, tight, and red from cold weather. Try glowy skin products with retinol or AHAs/BHAs (alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids) to encourage skin cell turnover. 

Gentle exfoliators can be used daily or every other day, depending on your skin type and the product instructions. Exfoliating should be done after cleansing, so you have a fresh face ready for serums and moisturizers.

3. Protect Against Sun Damage

Don’t slack off on protection just because the sun is hiding behind gray and stormy clouds. Some UV rays penetrate cloud cover, and their free radicals can cause oxidative stress damage in the form of wrinkles, dark spots, and sagginess.

Broad-spectrum products with SPF 30 or higher are your best option for preventing sun damage. You can use a day cream with SPF, or a tinted sunscreen if you want a product that adds some coverage that’s more lightweight than a foundation. And make sure to carry a travel-size sunscreen with you if you need to reapply during the day.

4. Use a Humidifier

Not all glowy skin products are skincare. A humidifier boosts the moisture level in the air of your indoor spaces, which keeps your skin’s moisture barrier from drying out. A humidifier doesn’t take the place of a hydrating skincare routine, but complements it, so your glowy skin feels soft and smooth.

There are different types of humidifiers to choose from, such as cool mist and ultrasonic. You’ll also want to consider the size of your room to ensure you buy a humidifier that works effectively for the space. And if you plan to run a humidifier in your bedroom overnight, make sure it’s a silent machine that won’t disrupt your sleep.



Glowy Skincare Routine

Using a specialized skincare routine is how you keep skin healthy and glowing in winter. You’ll want to use different products than you would in the summer because your skin has specific needs for each season.

Seasonal Differences for Glowy Skin

Texture is perhaps the most significant difference between winter and summer glowy skin products. Cold weather calls for richer, more emollient products, such as moisturizing creams, for the extra hydration your skin needs; in the summer, opt for lightweight lotions and cleansers that won’t feel heavy on your skin.



Augustinus Bader Glowy Skin Products

It’s not too late to put together a glowy skincare routine. All of our skincare formulas are powered by advanced TFC8® technology. TFC8 is the result of more than three decades of cutting-edge scientific research, representing a revolution in skincare. Here are some of the products you can rely on for the most gorgeous skin this winter:


  • The Cream is our award-winning moisturizer that nourishes with antioxidants, vitamins, omega 6 fatty acids, hydrating aloe vera, and other potent ingredients. Another key active is retinyl palmitate (retinol), to encourage skin turnover.
  • There are different versions of The Cream for different skin types. Try The Discovery Duo, which packages together The Cream and The Rich Cream, an intensely luxurious moisturizer that’s ideal for dry weather, or for dry skin.
  • The Face Oil gives glowy skin a boost with babassu, argan, hazelnut, and Karanja oils. In addition to promoting a lit-from-within radiance, The Face Oil supports greater skin elasticity and a smooth, supple texture.
  • The Lip Balm is a wintertime necessity for preventing the discomfort of dry, chapped lips. We’ve formulated this balm with a special lip-plumping complex as well as guaranteed moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and vitamin E.



Now that you know how to keep your skin healthy and glowing in winter, purchase one of our game-changing formulas in skincare, supplements and haircare.