Joanna Czech x Augustinus Bader Treatment Series

Joanna Czech x Augustinus Bader Treatment Series

05 April 2019

"I love the Rich Cream, I use it as an eye cream, neck cream, face cream - it does it all!"

In association with NET-A-PORTER’s 2019 Beauty Trend Talk, we hosted an exclusive Augustinus Bader Treatment Series at London hotel, The Connaught with renowned aesthetician, Joanna Czech.

For two days, Joanna Czech offered her highly coveted facials, tailoring each treatment to the skins needs. Between treatments, we spoke to Joanna about skin health, her famous facial treatments and the importance of routine.

Can you describe the treatments you are giving today? 

"Each treatment varies from facial to facial, every day it’s different. Usually I'll do deep tissue massage, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), LED therapy and, when muscles are warmed up, a thick layer of Augustinus Bader cream as the final step for that super glow!

'Super glow', this is the word these days - people don’t want to get rid of lines, they want to look healthier, and glowing."

How did you first discover Augustinus Bader?

"I am among the Violet Grey community and was sent samples before launch - no label, no name. I said "I have no idea what this products is, but I am in love with it!"

To me, science is very important in a product. I have not heard about any other product that has molecules stimulating your own stem cells to repair the skin - to me that makes sense. I love the Rich Cream, I use it as an eye cream, neck cream, face cream - it does it all!"

What's the most effective thing you can do at home to improve your skin and facial contours?

"Pay attention to your night time regime! Your skin is 60% more portent during this rejuvenating time. Support this with the way you apply product - upwards, never pulling muscles or skin down.

That’s what I came up with my massager tool, even I myself don’t enjoy self-massage. So if your tool at home can still work and allow you to watch Netflix or read a book - it’s doable. Do it daily for 3-5 minutes - that’s your homework after a professional facial"

You've just flown in from New York, how do you look after your skin when travelling long-haul? 

"I fly with Augustinus Bader! In a place where there is no humidity at all, it’s such a supportive system for your skin. I apply a thick layer of The Rich Cream at the start of and during the flight."

What's the most common misunderstanding about skin?

"Quick fixes. People think if they do something once it will fix everything. Do you brush your teeth once a month?! Do you work out once a month?! Do you eat healthy only once a month!? Being consistent, that’s what creates long-lasting results."

What holistic, lifestyle tips can you give that will positively impact skin?

"Intuitive eating - which means really thinking about what your put in your body, and how much of it. Choose carefully what kind of sugars you eat particularly."