28 May 2018

"I'm a true believer, I use this daily and nightly on my face to have a glowing and hydrating complexion."

Working within the beauty and fashion industry, you tend to try out and like a lot of different products. Then there are the times you become completely obsessed with a product and you suddenly can’t imagine life without it. This is where Augustinus Bader’s cream comes in, last year I had the privilege of sitting down with Professor Bader during Paris fashion week, we shared a coffee and he explained his revolutionary skincare product to me and why this cream was like nothing else I have ever tried before.

There are two types of breakthrough formulas that Bader has created, The Rich Cream and The Cream. Both creams have been developed by Professor Bader with groundbreaking technology that activates and orchestrates the body's own systems to help repair and regenerate cells. Simply put, he told me to imagine that our skin has all these little valleys in between them and this cream helps fill those in and repair that damage.  
If it does all that, you can imagine that this cream is not only made for our daily skincare routine but for other serious skin treatments as well. Bader's mission is to also help burn victims and others with severe skincare conditions, I saw first hand the before and after pictures of burn victims who have been treated with his cream and I was completely blown away with the results. 

This had to be the real deal and I walked away knowing I had to test this product out long-term. Fast forward a year later and I'm a true believer, not only do I use this daily and nightly on my face to have a glowing and hydrating complexion, I've used it on a burn on my arm and it really helped the healing process. I scar so easily and by using this cream, my skin healed with minimal scarring and skin discolouration. I call it my magic cream! 
I know the price mark on this is definitely on the luxury side but you can replace your serums and eye creams with this one bottle, so in reality it all really evens out and I promise you it's one product you want to invest in.