7.5 Billion Skin Types. One Cream

Our latest campaign emphasizes the individuality of skin - while also celebrating our shared biology.

For the most part, the contemporary beauty landscape favors choice. The personal, as the saying goes, is political, and for good reason. After years of underrepresentation, consumers are demanding more shades, more colors, and more solutions. So what’s our response to all this?

7.5 billion skin types. One Cream

Our latest campaign draws light to the elegant paradox of Augustinus Bader. Our products are not one-size-fits-all solutions - instead, they represent skincare intelligence custom-built to fit each and every user. That’s because our products don’t work in a vacuum; both The Cream and The Rich Cream engage skin cells to optimize the body’s capacity for regeneration. This means that, for every user, Augustinus Bader works in a uniquely singular way. It is why our skincare may be used to effectively target everything from hyperpigmentation to fine lines. Augustinus Bader’s ability to treat skin at the cellular level represents the future of personalization in beauty.

On the other hand, we believe in simplicity. That’s why our offerings are tightly curated and feature the same core technology: Professor Bader’s skin-cell-boosting TFC8®. We want our skincare to do the heavy lifting and not mandate an elaborate routine. One cream. And, because it’s designed to help your body take better care of your skin, it’s all you need. Whatever your concern -there’s one cream.


The deliberate political undertones of this message - that demographic categories may be rendered obsolete in the face of a shared biology- are brought to life by the rich visuals of the One Cream campaign. These energetic, demonstrative photos seek to capture the individual personalities of their subjects, a casting marked by the diversity and age-inclusivity. Across all images, retouching is minimal, and a more naturalistic approach is favored. In doing so, we hope to capture a sliver of the world’s 7.5 billion beautiful skin types.

Our Cult Cream

Discover The Cream's refreshing texture with TFC8® to help skin look and feel restored, regenerated and renewed.

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