Good Figures

Good Figures

23 September 2019

The amazing results of The Body Cream’s clinical trials

In most creative professions, there is some type of definitive industry measure. Consider this: restaurants clamor to be awarded three Michelin stars; studios campaign mercilessly for their films to be crowned Best Picture; newspapers breathlessly tout their Pulitzer count. In the beauty world - where there is no agreed-upon, third-party arbiter of achievement - the closest analog is the clinical trial, which is exactly why, in advance of its launch, we put The Body Cream to the ultimate test. 

First things first: what exactly is a clinical trial? By definition, a clinical trial is a trial conducted on real people, in which the effects of a particular product are independently gauged and measured over the duration of the study. It sounds simple, but clinical trials are not the norm in the skincare industry. Instead, brands often conduct user trials - think, you try out a new lip balm and fill out a questionnaire right after. User trials can be a very valid tool, and the user experience is paramount. However, they involve a great deal of subjectivity; if your lips were chapped the day you tried it, you might grade the lip balm on a curve. In a clinical trial, however, you’d try the lip balm several times, and each time, the relative hydration of your lips would be quantifiably measured. Clinical trials represent a much more rigorous, much more objective assessment of how well a product performs. 


Which brings us to The Body Cream. When we launched our first product for the neck down, it was never a question as to whether or not we’d put it up for clinical evaluation. For one thing, scientific research is the backbone of Augustinus Bader skincare. Quite literally, our products are born of Professor Bader’s decades of study; not invoking that same spirit of diligent methodology would feel inauthentic. More importantly, there was never any doubt that The Body Cream could not withstand the scrutiny of a clinical trial. It’s just that good. Like all our products, The Body Cream contains TFC8, the patented complex that activates cellular functions to supercharge the body’s own repair processes and flexibly address a variety of skin concerns. 

While The Body Cream boosts elasticity, tone, and hydration, we wanted to measure it against two (particularly vexing) conditions: cellulite and stretch marks. Thus, over the course of our twelve-week trial, clinicians measured the visibility of both across all participants. On average, they concluded that The Body Cream realized:


  • 75% reduction in the appearance of cellulite on the hips
  • 74% reduction in the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks
  • 64% reduction in the appearance of cellulite on the thighs
  • 64% reduction in the appearance of stretch marks


The tremendous performance of The Body Cream was not, by any means, a surprise to our team. As they say, the data doesn’t lie - and we’re proud to be able to offer scientific proof of The Body Cream’s efficacy. Someday, when there is an Oscars for beauty, we have no doubt that The Body Cream will take the top prize. 


Shop The Body Cream and discover the results for yourself.