How to Get Shinier, More Luminous Hair

How to Get Shinier, More Luminous Hair

17 April 2023


Who doesn't want their hair to gleam like they're in a luxurious shampoo commercial? Shine suggests healthy volume, bounce, and vibrancy for hair that looks softer, smoother, and infinitely touchable. And any haircut looks more flattering with glossy tresses you can style any way you want.

Of course, achieving that shiny hair look works a little differently than in commercials, where models benefit from professional lighting and camera work. It doesn't have to be difficult, though. Here's how to get the sleek strands of your dreams (and what to do to prevent them).



What Makes Hair Shiny?



If you're wondering how to make your hair shiny, take a thoughtful, multipronged approach. The goal is to maintain your hair in the best possible condition, and that means luminous locks are:


Moisturized: Optimal hydration, whether you drink enough water or use a humidifier to alleviate dry, moisture-depleted air.

Naturally beautiful: Avoid chemical treatments and styling tools that can dry or damage hair.

Well-tended: Nourish your hair and preserve the hair cuticle so it stays closed and flat. Damaged cuticles can cause frizz and flyaway strands.



What Are the Causes of Dull Hair?



Of course, knowing how to make hair shiny is only part of the story. Along with the list of dos is a list of don'ts, try and avoid the following:


Heat exposure: Shiny hair depends on moisture, and heated tools can sap that all-important hydration, leaving your hair dull and dry. Prevent that "fried" feeling at all costs.

Too much sun: You know that UV rays can damage your skin, causing lines, dark spots, and sagginess. Sun exposure can also wreak havoc on the hair cuticle, taking away your shine.

The wrong haircare routine: Low-quality products, too many products, and even the water you use to wash your hair can all contribute to buildup that makes hair look dull and heavy.


Now that it's easier to understand how to get shiny hair (and avoid dullness!), it's time to learn some savvy strategies to help your hair glow with good health.



Tips for Shinier Hair


Brush Your Hair

The old wives’ tale about brushing your hair with 100 daily strokes may be a bit much, but it has a ring of truth. A good, natural-bristle hairbrush, moved from root to tip, follows the direction of the hair shaft to help smooth down the cuticle while distributing your hair’s natural oil down the entire strand. If you have curly hair, you may not use a brush to avoid frizz or ruining the shape of your curls. The Neem Comb is ideal for any hair type and will enhance hair health with its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Air Dry and Style

Blow dryers can leave hair parched and dull, so let your hair air dry whenever possible. After shampooing and conditioning, gently towel dry your hair with a specially designed microfiber towel that won’t be too rough on your hair cuticles. Then use your preferred styling cream or gel to finger-style your damp hair, so it sets as it air dries.

Keep It Cool

You know how to make hair shiny by avoiding heated tools, but the “cool rule” applies to the water temperature in your shower, too. Hot water can drain moisture from hair just like it can with your skin – cool or lukewarm temperatures are gentler and help boost shine.

Feed Your Hair

Create shine from the inside out by infusing your hair with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that support hair health. Whole foods like produce, lean proteins, nuts, and seeds are preferable as they contain healthy fats, antioxidants, and micronutrients. If you want to boost your diet, consider a hair supplement like Hair Revitalizing Complex. This advanced supplement provides cellular nutrition to improve hair strength, thickness, moisture retention, and shine.

Invest in the Right Products

Harsh solvents and harmful additives in many shampoos and conditioners can detract from your hair’s natural luminosity. The Shampoo and The Conditioner use advanced haircare technology and contain potent botanicals among the key actives. These ingredients gently but thoroughly clean the hair and scalp, so there’s less breakage, more bounce, less shedding, and more shine. These products also protect against environmental damage that can lead to dull, unhealthy-looking hair.

Give Extra-Dry Hair Extra TLC

Coarse or dry hair types have a more challenging time retaining moisture. If this describes your hair, shampooing and conditioning may not be enough. If you want to know how to make your hair shiny, try adding a leave-in treatment to seal moisture into the cuticles. The Leave-In Hair Treatment replenishes hydration for smoother and softer strands and reduces the appearance of split ends. The formulation is also lightweight and won't leave behind a residue buildup that weighs hair down and makes it look drab.

Don’t Forget Your Scalp

You can’t see your scalp, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect to care for it. Shiny hair starts at the scalp with The Scalp Treatment, and you’ll condition and strengthen hair at the root so the follicles can function at their best. Healthy-looking hair follicles contribute to greater shine, bounce, and volume — attributes that keep your locks looking their best.

Give Your Hair a Helping Hand

As you focus on adding luster to your hair, consider adding a little extra oomph with a semi-permanent glossing treatment, which can create extra dimension or vibrancy. If you’re trying to avoid chemical treatments or don’t want to keep up with regular appointments, use an at-home product for every day shine. The Hair Oil increases shine, adds hydrating moisture to protect your hair, and improves the appearance of breakage, shedding, split ends, and other damage.

Shampoo Less Often

You've probably heard this before, but it's important to repeat again: stop shampooing your hair every day! Excessive shampooing removes essential moisture and dries out your hair, leading to dullness and a lack of shine. Studies suggest that less frequent shampooing preserves hair shine and allows natural oils to nourish our hair. 

Be Gentle 

The less stress on your hair, the better, so remember to treat your hair as gently as possible. Light brush strokes, beneficial ingredients, hats, and other protective sun gear are all essential for healthy, shiny hair. 



Augustinus Bader: Your Expert in Sustainable Haircare



We know how to make hair shiny, and we parlayed that knowledge into creating a top-tier line of haircare products. Like our skincare line, we base our hair products on decades of scientific research. We offer advanced, innovative haircare that features our groundbreaking TFC8® technology, which consists of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins, and synthesized molecules naturally produced by the body. Our products support long-term hair health for a game-changing approach to maintaining tresses that look and feel their best. 

Take that first step toward shinier hair and create an Augustinus Bader haircare routine. Find our products in stores near you or order online. If you need help deciding on which products will work best for your hair type, contact our knowledgeable customer service team for their expert advice.  



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