L'Officiel: Which is the most miraculous cream of the moment?

L'Officiel: Which is the most miraculous cream of the moment?

18 March 2018

"Innovative and ultra-stimulating, the creams of the Augustinus Bader brand revolutionize the very concept of skincare by focusing on the activity of stem cells."

It’s undoubtedly the cosmetic revelation of 2018: acclaimed by many beauty gurus beyond the Atlantic, the duo of creams by Augustinus Bader is already imposing itself as a beauty hit.

What is so unique about these creams with a lapis blue packaging?

They were developed by professor Augustinus Bader, one of the world’s leading researchers in regenerative medicine. In contact with burn victims, this enthusiast has been focusing for more than thirty years, on the mechanisms of natural repair of the epidermis, as well as on the processes of cellular stimulation obtained thanks to the activity of the stem cells.

To treat the skin traumas of his patients, he developed the ABC method (Activate, Boost and Commit), a miraculous restorative hydrogel that allows scar-free healing without skin grafts.

Eager for the wider audience to benefit from his expertise, Augustinus Bader developed a high-end skincare brand, inspired by his innovative medical technology: The Cream with a lighter texture, and The Rich Cream, intensely luxurious enriched with argan oil, avocado and evening primrose, two textures, one revolutionary and addictive formula.

Verdict? As with every unanimous and ecstatic beauty buzz, we were initially a little sceptical.

And yet, results are here, and despite their high prices, Augustinus Bader’s skincare products are a real investment in the long term.

The Cream is the ideal daytime moisturiser, making the skin glow like an Instagram filter without the overdone effect, and The Rich Cream is perfect as a night cream thanks to its emollient and restorative texture.

From the first weeks of application, fine lines and wrinkles diminish, the complexion becomes astonishingly even, like after a facial and the elasticity of the skin is significantly improved.