Lash Tips for Longer and Fuller Eyelashes

Lash Tips for Longer and Fuller Eyelashes

16 March 2023


Eyelashes can easily make or break your go-to makeup look, and if you're anything like us, you crave fuller, longer lashes. However, keeping up with the maintenance of falsies or constantly making appointments for lash extensions can be overwhelming and costly. 

Don't worry: You have other options.

We're here to walk you through how to grow your lashes to new lengths and achieve fuller lashes with a few easy lash tips.

Here's everything you need to know:


How Can I Make My Eyelashes Grow?



Eyelashes are made of keratin, which is naturally produced by our body. However, as we age, our keratin production levels slow down. With the correct lash maintenance and nourishing skincare ingredients, you can maintain the follicles and extend the longevity of your lashes. 

Here are our go-to lash tips to help you grow fuller eyelashes:

Moisturize Your Lashes

Just like our skin, hair, and nails, our lashes must also stay hydrated! Moisturizing them daily or weekly may help you grow long lashes and improve their health. To achieve this, you want to look for hydrating formulas containing castor oil, vitamin E, or hyaluronic acid – nutrient-rich ingredients that keep your eyelashes soft and moisturized all day long. 

However, not all formulas promote lash growth. What helps grow your eyelashes are formulas that contain biotin and red winter algae. With the right ingredients, you can achieve a more lush, healthy appearance and grow the long lashes you desire.

Supplements for Growth

 Sometimes you need to heal your body from the inside out. Supplements are designed to target your pesky skincare or hair care problems. With the extra boost of vitamins and minerals, you can get the lashes you crave and support other bodily functions. 

The key ingredient to look for is biotin, which – for a good reason – is the holy grail of the hair and skin industry. This lash-healthy vitamin can help metabolize amino acids and boost your keratin production levels. 

That extra keratin boost can supercharge your lash growth to create longer and fuller eyelashes. Indeed, if used regularly, supplements containing biotin and other hair-healthy ingredients may help you see the results you crave. Consistency is the key to seeing results with supplements, so make them part of your daily routine and your lashes will reap the benefits. 



Lash Tips For What To Avoid



Now it's time to re-evaluate your current lash routine. You may not know this yet, but your makeup routine and favorite products might cause more harm than good. 

Here's what to keep an eye out for:

Toxic Makeup

Not all formulas are created equal. Many of your favorite drugstore eye makeups may contain toxic chemicals that can harm your lash health. If you use them regularly, it can lead to long-term health conditions or stunt your lash growth. Here are a few toxic ingredients to keep an eye out for:

● Retinyl acetate
● Titanium dioxide
● Heavy metals
● Parabens
● Sulfates (SLS)


If you feel like your eyes or lashes are overly sensitive when you apply makeup, it may be a sign that it's time to revisit your current makeup routine and look at the ingredients. 

Don’t Share Makeup

We get it. It can be easy to want to share your makeup with friends and loved ones before getting ready for a date night, party, or special occasion. However, when you share your go-to mascara or eye shadow palette with others, you risk spreading bacteria and infection, which can build up on your products and lead to irritation and inflammation. 

If you recently shared your makeup products, cleanse your makeup brushes and tools with a gentle shampoo or antibacterial soap to eliminate the spread of bacteria and keep your go-to tools clean.

Avoid Synthetic Lash Serums

Synthetic lash serums are formulated with ingredients made in a lab, and while most aren't necessarily harmful, some can cause damage to your lashes. In addition, unlike natural ingredients, these can build up on your lashes over time, leading to irritation or lash loss. As such, always keep an eye out for the warning signs:

● Itchy or irritated eyes
● White flakes 
● Clogged pores
● Redness and inflammation


Avoid lash serums formulated with sodium benzoate or ascorbic acid. These are common skin irritants that can lead to a world of problems. 

Lash Extensions Are More Harmful Than Good

Not everyone will like this one, but if your eyelashes aren't growing to your desired length, it may be time to retire your lash extensions for good. Lash extensions can prevent you from growing fuller eyelashes and often cause temporary or permanent lash loss. Plus, if you use them regularly, they can lead to irritation of the eyelids and infection of the cornea.

Lash extensions can make the process of growing fuller lashes longer, so if you aren't currently obsessed with your eyelashes, consider other solutions to replace the use of extensions. Trust the process! With consistency and a routine full of nutrient-rich ingredients, you can grow your lashes to new lengths and improve their overall beauty. 



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