The Serum: Customizable Complexion Correction

The Serum: Customizable Complexion Correction

26 October 2021

At Augustinus Bader, our approach is rooted in the knowledge that skin has an innate capacity to heal -- which is essential, because every day it is subject to an onslaught of potential damage in the form of pollution, UV radiation, chemicals, temperature fluctuations, dietary impacts, and even the water you use to wash your face.


The Formula

Our new formula, The Serum, is a skincare booster that enables you to amp up skin’s resilience and reparative capabilities as needed through an added layer of TFC8® -- helping to resolve persistent complexion concerns once and for all, and/or fortify the skin in stressful situations.


Designed to complement the other essential steps in your daily routine, The Serum gives you the ability to personalize your routine whenever and however skin needs -- whether on occasion or on an ongoing basis.


If you’re targeting stubborn skin challenges such as persistent or recurring dehydration, sagging, or loss of elasticity -- or if you simply enjoy a multi-step regimen -- The Serum can be incorporated every day as a first step under your preferred moisturizer.


If a simpler routine is more your style, opt for The Serum during periods when skin is feeling especially stressed or reactive, to help get the complexion quickly back into balance and maintain that sense of harmony.


Or, if you prefer a lightweight texture, you can use The Serum alone as a refreshing corrective moisturizer -- especially nice in warmer months or climates.


In any case, simply apply The Serum to cleansed, dry skin in the morning and evening, as needed. In upward, sweeping motions, smooth the formula over the face, neck and décolleté until fully absorbed. What comes next is entirely up to you.


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Creamy, weightless texture for hydration around the eyes
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Lightweight, milky texture for complexion correction
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