The Skincare Guide to Combination Skin

The Skincare Guide to Combination Skin

14 October 2022

The Perfect Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

Taking care of combination skin is a balancing act. You need to hydrate dry skin, but a heavy moisturizer can clog pores in the areas where your skin is oilier, leading to breakouts. Conversely, you may use an astringent cleanser or toner to control shine, but it can lead to extra-dry, flaky patches on your complexion.

That’s why a skincare routine for combination skin should incorporate efficient multitaskers, the products that combine clean botanicals with cutting-edge science to target your complexion’s different needs. It’s a skincare routine that restores balance by supporting your skin health, creating a more radiant-looking tone and texture.

What Is Combination Skin?

Combination skin has characteristics associated with both oily and dry skin types. You may be prone to acne or have large pores in your T-zone, for instance, while at the same time the skin along your jawline or on your cheeks may be rough. Your combination skin may be genetic, or it could be influenced by hormonal changes. Skin can get drier as you age and your hormone levels drop, or oiliness can be a particular problem during menstruation.

You may have a combination skin type if you:

  • Have larger pores in certain areas of your complexion
  • Notice shine or excess oil in your T-zone, but not elsewhere on your skin
  • Struggle to maintain an even texture free of flakes or redness
  • Regularly get blemishes, especially in the oily sections of your skin

When choosing skincare products for combination skin, the keyword to remember is gentle. Your products should support your skin’s moisture barrier with hydration that soothes dryness while also helping to control your skin’s natural oil production. The ingredients also shouldn’t irritate or inflame your complexion, which can exacerbate the issues associated with both oily and dry skin types.

Cleansers and moisturizers are two of the most essential products in a skincare routine for combination skin. Using the right products will help your skin look revitalized and refreshed.

The Skincare Guide to Combination Skin

Exfoliating vs. Cleansing Combination Skin

Cleansing and exfoliating are necessary steps in a perfect skincare routine for combination skin. An optimal cleanser hydrates and lifts away dirt, grime, and makeup, while exfoliating removes the buildup of dead skin cells that can clog pores and dull your skin’s natural luminosity.


Many people with combination skin make double cleansing a part of their daily skincare routine. The Cleansing Balm which works for all skin types, offers a deep clean to dissolve the daily build-up of impurities on your complexion. The balm nourishes your skin with actives such as avocado-olive fruit oil complex and vitamin E for a hydrated and supple complexion.

You can use The Cleansing Balm on its own, but if you are double cleansing, follow it with The Cream Cleansing Gel. This gentle, lightweight cleanser locks in moisture to improve the appearance of pores, elasticity, and redness for a beautifully clean, healthy-looking glow.

Exfoliating is next, but avoid grainy scrubs that can irritate the skin and the moisture barrier. The Essence gently exfoliates with phytic and salicylic acids to purify and tone your complexion. It’s perfectly suited to combination skin because it offers refreshing hydration to soothe dry skin while regulating oil secretion.

All of these products support a healthy moisture barrier by maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance. They’re also free of common skincare irritations such as fragrance, parabens, and mineral oil. Start your routine with these products, then follow up with the next step in skincare for combination skin: moisturizing.

Choosing a Moisturizer

Moisturizing is a must for any skin type, including combination skin. Understandably, the dry patches on your skin need hydration to soften uneven texture and prevent flaky skin. But oily skin needs moisturizing, too—your skin will produce more sebum if your moisture barrier lacks hydration, and that excess oil can cause shine and breakouts.

The Rich Cream not only deeply hydrates, but it also helps prevent transepidermal water loss. This helps skin retain moisture, so it looks plump, youthful, and renewed. Fine lines and hyperpigmentation appear diminished, and your skin feels firmer and lifted. The Rich Cream is meant to be used morning and night after cleansing and exfoliating.

We recommend pairing The Rich Cream with The Eye Cream in your skincare routine for combination skin. The Eye Cream combines high-performance botanicals—such as seaweed extracts, arjun tree extract, and pennywort extract—with potent vitamins B3 (niacinamide), B5, and C to target lines, bags, dark circles, and other common issues. Your eye area will look nourished, hydrated, and brighter, plus The Eye Cream helps prevent future damage.

Finding New Products for Your Routine

Our luxury skincare for combination skin is so effective because our products are backed by decades of scientific research. This is smart skincare, powered by our patented TFC8® technology that’s revolutionary for its adaptive ability to support cellular renewal and condition skin for the long term. Find a beautiful balance for your combination skin. Purchase one of our game-changing formulas in skincare, supplements and haircare.