She Knows: This Victoria & David Beckham-approved Brand Has ‘Literally the Best’ Hair Product for Preventing Thinning, Shedding & Damage

She Knows: This Victoria & David Beckham-approved Brand Has ‘Literally the Best’ Hair Product for Preventing Thinning, Shedding & Damage

15 February 2023


By Taylor Lane at


Hair loss and breakage are never beauty problems that anyone looks for, but it is a concern that affects nearly 40 percent of women by the age of 40. There are many culprits of thinning hair and strands that fall out, but the most common are hormonal changes, stress, and even some medications. And while the source of thinning hair is tough to narrow down, finding a solution isn’t. That’s where this Victoria and David Beckham-approved brand comes to help. Meet Augustinus Bader — a leader in luxury skincare formulas and now a hair complex that combats thinning, shedding, and damage.


Augustinus Bader’s Hair Revitalizing Complex is a daily supplement that is clinically proven to decrease hair damage, add shine, and increase hair count. And like the brand’s other products, the complex has been trough rigorous testing to make sure its one of the best products on the market. “For The Hair Revitalizing Complex, we have taken our clinical trials one step further,” the brand said. “Putting The Hair Revitalizing Complex through a vigorous, six month, double blind clinical trial so that we were able to compare the results of those taking our hair supplement, versus those taking a placebo. And the results are impressive!”


So what’s in the supplements? Each capsule is packed with moringa leaf powder, fenugreek seed extract, vitamin K, and ashwagandha root extract, to name a few. Each one works to support hair growth, prevent breakage, and ensure the proper flow of nutrients to the hair follicles.



Augustinus Bader Hair Revitalizing Complex



One shopper who has been using the hair complex wrote that they were already noticing results. “I was familiar with Bader skincare, but when I found out they have a hair vitamin, I had to give it a try (especially knowing that they can regrow hair in the front hairline,” they said. “I did see a difference in three months and have been telling anyone who asks (and I do hair for a living).”


“I started really seeing results around 2.5 months in. Now my hair is strong, healthy, and shiny,” another said. “I also have lots of baby hairs growing in around the edge of my hairline. I 100% recommend this supplement!”


A final shopper said, “literally. Best hair vitamin I have ever used. Even before I noticed results within my follicles, I noticed how positively it affected my skin! I have been using this product for a few months now, and it truly is a next-level product. Try it, stick with it. You will love it!”


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