Vogue: 8 Low-Key German Skincare Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

Vogue: 8 Low-Key German Skincare Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

02 July 2019

"The label 'Made in Germany' is now a symbol of the highest quality"

“German cars, science – they’re associated with not just the highest techniques, but the ultimate proof that something truly works,” explains cosmetic dermatologist and founder of Royal Fern skincare brand, Dr Timm Golueke. “Think of it as German engineering for the skin.”

Germany is also known for adhering to stringent safety and quality parameters, so products have to tick a lot of boxes before they reach the beauty counter. “Germany has an exceptionally rigid list of acceptable ingredients. Many more ingredients are approved for use in a US skincare product than in a German one. There is an emphasis on safety,” aesthetic doctor Dr Barbara Sturm points out.

The label “Made in Germany” is now a symbol of the highest quality, particularly in the skincare sector. “It’s a brand new honorary title in the beauty cosmos that preserves our supposed virtues in the global arena. The coveted products are strictly scientific, thoroughly tested, have a reliable effect and are created by German doctors,” says Beatrice Graf, head of digital beauty at Vogue Germany.

Augustinus Bader

Inspired by his work in stem cell science, Professor Augustinus Bader's range is comprised of two products – The Cream, and The Rich Cream – both of which incorporate his unique Trigger Factor Complex to help direct key nutrients and natural ingredients directly to skin cells.

Taken from British Vogue