W Magazine: Augustinus Bader on The Body Cream:

W Magazine: Augustinus Bader on The Body Cream: "Skincare Cannot Stop at the Face"

12 November 2019

“When Professor Bader launches a new product, it demands attention”

When it comes to beauty products, there's a fine line between hype and substance. Thanks to the eternal quest for beautiful complexion, fleeting fanfare for ingredients as unorthodox as placenta extract and snail mucus is constant. But "The Cream," by Professor Augustinus Bader, has managed to surpass the hype, settling itself into the beauty cabinets of women across the world. If you don't know by now, Professor Bader was 30 years into researching skin regeneration for burn victims when he formulated the product. His scientific analysis led him to a revolutionary cream that consumers have touted with loyalty and staying power - Demi Moore, Victoria Beckham, Hailey Bieber, and Dakota Johnson among them. (Diane Kruger is even an equity partner.) And yet, the hordes of celebrities who swear by the Cream make up just a teeny portion of his cult following, which has ballooned enough to make him the most googled name in skincare.

Suffice to say, when Professor Bader launches a new product, it demands attention. So, with the global launch of the Body Cream, a scientifically advanced skincare regimen for the neck down, it's time to listen up. Here, the professor shares everything you need to know about his latest, plus what skincare principles to stick to this fall.

The Body Cream is finally here. What's the most effective way to use it and get its benefits?
Apply the Body Cream on clean, dry skin. Then concentrate it on particular areas of concern (for example, top of thighs) and massage in circular motions until it's absorbed. If you use it daily, it should last about six weeks.

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