Your Guide to Hair Loss for Men

Your Guide to Hair Loss for Men

24 May 2024


The average person loses roughly 50 to 100 strands of hair per day, and while this may seem like a lot, it's only a tiny percentage of the 100,000+ total strands on your head. If you experience regular shedding, develop a receding hairline, or notice bald spots, you may be in the midst of hair loss.  

Before you panic, it's important to note that the cause of over 95% of male hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, a common and ongoing form of hair loss that can negatively impact your confidence and lead to permanent hair loss. 

We put together this guide to help you navigate these changes and learn how to prevent hair loss in men with treatments, products, or supplements. Here's everything you need to know. 


What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss for men, and studies suggest that nearly 80% of men experience hair loss or thinning in their lifetime. Hair loss typically starts with a receding hairline or hair thinning on the crown. 

As you age, the hair follicle shrinks, causing your hair to appear shorter, thinner, and finer. Eventually, the hair follicle never grows new hair, resulting in a bald appearance. Three common causes of male pattern baldness are genetics, hormone changes, and old age.




Ongoing sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) effects is one of the leading causes of this frustrating affliction. DHT is a hormone that comes from excess amounts of testosterone. Having an abundance of DHT in your system can shorten your natural hair growth phase and lead to hair loss. 




Genetics is a major determining factor when it comes to male pattern baldness. One study suggests that over 80% of people with a father who had problems with balding also experienced hair loss at some point in their life. If you have a history of hair loss or thinning in your family, look into treatments and medications that can help with prevention.


Old Age


The older you get, the slower your hair grows. At some point in your life, your hair will start to lose color, and the follicles won't grow at the same pace. Alas, this is a normal occurrence that comes with age.



Which Treatment is Best for You?



Thankfully, there are several products, services, and remedies for hair loss treatment for men. Finding the best solution for your unique needs can be overwhelming, and when comparing options, there are certain things you need to consider, such as where the hair loss actually is.

The hair loss location will help you formulate a treatment for your situation. For example, you likely have male pattern baldness if you experience hair loss along the hairline. If you have patchy hair loss or suffer ongoing hair breakage, you probably have alopecia areata. 

Consider speaking with a medical professional to help determine what type of hair loss you're experiencing.




Your budget will unlock your potential. If you have a tight budget and can't spend too much on your hair care journey, it may be best to stick with topical or over-the-counter solutions. If you have a bigger budget, look into treatment plans to help you achieve quick results. Remember – insurance companies typically consider treatments cosmetic and won't usually cover them.




Are you looking for fast results or sustainable growth that only needs a little upkeep? Some medical prescriptions require regular medication for the rest of your life, which can be inconvenient and impact your daily routine. 

Treatments don't require daily maintenance, but they can be somewhat painful. Topicals also require regular use but are easier to incorporate into your shower routine. 



Hair Products vs. Oral Supplements

When combating hair loss, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. Everyone is different, and finding a solution that produces sustainable results may take some trial and error.

Hair products and oral treatments and the two biggest hair loss treatments. A hair product is a topical treatment applied directly to your scalp to allow the follicles to absorb the nutrients, whereas oral supplements must metabolize in your system. Here are our best hair loss products for men:


The Scalp Treatment


The Scalp Treatment is a hair serum designed to help you reduce hair loss and stimulate natural growth. Powered by TFC8® technology, this treatment can help you achieve healthier, stronger, and fuller hair with each use. During our 12-week clinical trials of 35 men and women, The Scalp Treatment increased hair shaft thickness by 370% and hair count by 22%.

To use it, apply directly and gently massage it into a clean, damp scalp. If you have a receding hairline or hair loss in an identifiable area, apply the product to the specific hair loss location.

Adding The Scalp Treatment to your daily routine will decrease ongoing breakage and give your hair the nutrients it needs to regrow.


The Hair Revitalizing Complex


If you choose the supplement route, you can't go wrong with Hair Revitalizing Complex, a science-backed dietary supplement clinically proven to deliver results. This supplement contains a potent blend of hair and scalp superfoods. Taken daily, this will stimulate natural hair growth, prevent hair loss, and help you achieve visually healthier-looking hair. 


The Leave-in Hair Treatment


If your hair feels dry, dull, and britle, it may indicate the need for a hydration boost. We formulated our Leave-in Hair Treatment with high-potency botanicals and bio-engineered clean actives that work together to improve the visual health of your hair. 

In a recent clinical trial, over 94% experienced decreased overall hair breakage. Using this product 2 to 3 times a week will nourish and hydrate your hair and seal in the nutrients to keep it looking and feeling good. 



Natural Remedies To Consider



Consider taking a natural remedy if you aren't ready to try products, supplements, or treatments.  Natural remedies provide a holistic approach to hair loss; consistent use can help you see slow and steady results.


Scalp Massager


A scalp massage is an excellent hair loss treatment for men that stimulates the scalp and encourages new growth. Massaging your scalp daily increases blood flow, relieves stress, and improves overall scalp health. Use your fingers, or buy a massage tool designed for scalp massages.

To get started, move your fingers in a circular motion from the front to the back of your scalp. Do this for 5 minutes a day before you go to bed or jump in the shower. 


Rosemary Oil


Studies suggest this essential oil can stimulate hair growth or even help to avoid hair loss. Apply rosemary oil directly to your scalp and use a scalp massager to blend in the product. You can also add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner. 



Lifestyle Changes to Make


Increase Your Iron and Zinc Intake


Iron and zinc are two must-have nutrients to include in your diet as they are crucial to growing strong, healthy hair and provide a world of benefits to your overall health. You'll commonly find these nutrients in foods such as chicken breast, beans, and crab meat. Consider taking a daily supplement if you eat few iron or zinc-rich foods.


Rethink your hair care routine


Your hair care routine may explain why your hair isn't growing back the way you want. If you wash your hair daily with the same drugstore brands without looking at the ingredient label, you could expose your hair to harmful chemicals. 

Another common problem is over-shampooing, which strips your hair of natural oils and eliminates the nutrients your follicles need to grow. We recommend switching to a hair loss shampoo for men like The Shampoo, if you're experiencing ongoing hair loss. 

If you're serious about growing your hair, take a second look at your current routine and research the ingredients listed on the back of your go-to products. Do you style your hair the same way every day? Have recent lifestyle changes impacted your health or stress levels?


Quit Smoking


Smoking is terrible for your hair and your overall health. If you're an avid smoker, you expose your hair to pollutants and free radicals, which damage your hair and impact the growth rate of your hair follicles.



Combat Hair Loss With Augustinus Bader

Hair loss isn't easy to live with; the more hair you lose, the more it impacts your confidence levels. If you're searching for the best hair loss treatment for men, you can't go wrong with The Scalp Treatment or The Hair Revitalizing Complex. Both products are backed by science and formulated to help you see results. 

Start shopping today to learn more.


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