Town & Country: How One Mother’s Beauty Philosophy Became a Powerful Family Bond

“My sister has told me twice in the last week how good my skin looks.”

The Fortunatos on self care, simplicity, and finding that one perfect product.

If there’s one thing sure to divide generations of women, it’s beauty. What works for a 34-year-old rarely works for a 62-year-old, too; styles change over time just as much for beauty as they do for fashion.

But the women of the Fortunato family defy the odds. So too do their familial beauty rules and regimens, which have been passed down from one generation to the next. Kim Fortunato, mother of the dynamic sister duo behind accessory line Lizzie Fortunato, takes a straightforward approach with her streamlined skincare system of one standout product.

Right now, she’s loving Augustinus Bader. The beauty brand is famous for its two signature products: The Cream and The Rich Cream. The Cream is a light formula best for normal, combination, or oily skin; The Rich Cream is best for dry skin. Both are rich in antioxidants and promise skin repair and renewal.

“I’m a keep-it-simple-and-elegant kind of woman and always have been,” she says. “The way I think about beauty is very much natural beauty, both on the outside and the inside.” Her twin daughters, Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato, have adopted more than a few pearls of her wisdom.

The wonder cream that had those in the know raving about its benefits has become a staple in the mother and daughters’ medicine cabinets. “The formula feels spectacular,” gushes Kathryn. “My sister has told me twice in the last week how good my skin looks.”

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