Our Philosophy

Everything your body needs, it already knows.

No need for myths or miracles

Every single one of us is made up of trillions of cells working in unison, orchestrated by a genetic code driving every instinct, thought, feeling… and the incredible, innate capacity to heal. From skincare to clinical practice to biotech research, all our advances are grounded in a belief that the body is its own best therapist.

Our most remarkable machine

For every giant leap in technology, the human body remains our most remarkable machine. This belief has led Professor Augustinus Bader, one of the foremost scientists of his generation, to unlock the body's healing code. His breakthrough Wound Gel activates and orchestrates the body's own stem cells to repair and regenerate.

The wisdom of the body

Beyond surface appearances, beauty lies in the biological wonders we live every day. Our innovative skincare, powered by TFC8®, works with your body’s natural wisdom, supporting and creating an optimal environment for your body’s innate processes of renewal.

TFC8®, or Trigger Factor Complex, is our patented technology that powers all Augustinus Bader Skincare

How TFC8® technology works


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